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Attic in accordance with the principle of feng shui

Attic, how today fashion piece home, from a historical, not just a European point of view is usually served as protective pads, to protect a very broad sense of energy before escaping the house. I once was unthinkable to the attic, basement or cabin to put any significant economic space, such as a bedroom, a library, a children’s room or office. If you already chose to adapt the attic, or rework it to the attic, it was placed there, drying room, room service, possibly a studio painter or other artist. Design Attic Design house HOLIDAY House Painting kitchen attic feng shui

kitchen attic feng shui

First we must realize that not only in our everyday language spoken most often not about building, but at most by adapting to the needs of residential loft, that is to use the attic for completely different purposes than they have been notified. How can I adopt to reside in a casual space? Bedroom feng shui interior design bedroom furniture interior design Bedroom furniture: simple, functional and discreet bedroom attic decoration feng shui

bedroom attic decoration feng shui

According to feng shui living is such an important aspect of human life, it is best if the space has been associated with construction and full equipment from beginning to end with a view to its true destiny. Further, it should also be noted here that a lot of wisdom, feng shui is m?dro?ciami og?lnoludzkimi and manifests itself in current powiedzonkach. Meanwhile, one of them, again not only in Poland, says that a man who has an uneven ceiling, is something that deviates from the norm, that significantly differs from the others and is usually in the disgraceful manner. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY feng shui living room interior

feng shui living room interior

In practice this means that the bevels on the ceiling, and all the inequalities above our heads create adverse situations, which then must be able to address. Once again, falls, therefore, say that according to feng shui is the loft attic always remain as a place visited only occasionally. Feng Shui design Feng Shui for health Feng shui ideas for office feng shui attic idea

feng shui attic idea

If, however, these or other reasons, we will live or work in a slanting ceiling space, then we must pay attention to several key issues related to that fact. First of all, we should realize that the slant skosowi is not equal. These slants under which you can stretch your legs, there are also those which, even according to our criteria for building coming down too low. Domain furniture wooden bed Sma Fantastic oak kitchen design and decoration Feng Shui applied to the master bedroom Attic-Bedroom-Decorating-Style-Feng shui

Attic-Bedroom-Decorating-Style-Feng shui

With high ceilings slant eliminates one of two ways: either a hanging lamp, so that the lampshade was at the height of the lower wall or highlight a lower toward the ceiling lamp, staked on the ground (light facing up). In such cases, we only care about getting an illusion of equality ceiling. Either of these remedies used when going down the low ceiling creates a very different threat and is definitely not recommended

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