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Designed in the light of nature

Of course, organic and beautiful … Design inspired by nature is very modern. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Attractive design from wood

Attractive design from wood

The original beauty costume. Thinking about the interior of its size, shape, color and light that we see in terms of nature, the juxtaposition of the beauty of its color, space, shapes of stones, sand structures, or sea grass. Interior design trend is inspired by nature, natural ingredients, stylized shapes and colors of sand, crushed rock, bark, wood painting, vineyards, ethereal spider silk and floral motifs, rough boards, smooth texture of parchment or crystal form. What surrounds us, becomes a place of beauty charm copyright at the beginning of the creation of the interior in terms of natural components. Bathroom and kitchen decoration bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Carpets, curtains and pictures Modern wood chair

Modern wood chair

Colors of nature create mood. Invariably, cool and neutral colors work well in both natural and modern interior, a soft pastel palette, bright colors described as neutral in white, stone, sand, wood and its derivatives. The interior of the earth colors, white, gray and pastel green fast and Heather always looks fresh, harmonious, of course. Neutral colors sympathize with others in creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Ideal composition brown contrast cinnamon and lime accents. The dominant exotic brown and freshly ground jatoba ash produced by exposing the fullness of the aesthetic value of the individual components of the interior. The combination of natural tones of beige and green wood will create a reflective, harmonious environment and comparing the colors citrus interior becomes a dynamic character. Design ideas for small apartments Domain furniture wooden bed Sma Fantastic oak kitchen design and decoration Beautiful bamboo furniture

Beautiful bamboo furniture

The successful combination of furniture with simple geometric shapes, moving fabrics arranged space suit cut wall decorative travertine or slate, organic themes, flowers and decorative accessories, ceramic vases, woven wicker planters feature of the flower bed, antiqued patina frame, linen covers the seats, lined with sea grass carpet and wood stains bring holiday mood, and reporting components allow you to create a comfortable, elegant and timeless interiors. Symmetry of forms, shapes, met with the Zen philosophy among us has a calm peace, aesthetics and beauty of nature. living room interior design – lighting and lighting Mattresses Somnium Mauve and beige bedroom Interesting ceramic vase

Interesting ceramic vase

Expression of light. The light gives the interior of freshness and lightness of being, revealed the hidden properties, contours and shapes stimulate plant world, sets out the main architecture solution while mixing them gently in the background environment. Opened or closed space optical hot (and bright yellow color) or cooling (white, blue) depending on time of day and the chosen design interior. Bright walls, bleached wood floors, light permeable fabric in alliance with nature and bring out the reflected light rays of the sun, illuminating the inside of the plant so that it looks more spacious. Style Bedroom Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Tips for decorating with flowers New original design crystal vases

New original design crystal vases

Approaching the nature of the choice of soft cream light (tungsten), improve them, such as contrasting white beam (halogen lamp) in order to strengthen and balance the mood lighting. Fashion frame connections transparent, opaque glass, crystal ball as a stylish, geometric lampshades with corrugated woven in the context of the game with side kinkietami give the interior an atmosphere of vitality, warmth, comfort and beautiful shape.

Terraces and balconies. Spring-summer mode

Would you like to see spring in full bloom? Nothing could be simpler, with a little effort can turn your balcony into thriving, courtyard garden.
The balcony and terrace can be planted many varieties of flowers. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Modern terraces design on roof

Modern terraces design on roof

The most important thing is to determine the duration of sunshine and, of course, it’s time to want to plant. Instead of traditional geraniums in boxes, we can plant roses. Potted flowers thumbnails of these require much care, but the joy with a variety of colors. Most at home in moderately sunny places, and it is necessary to protect it from strong winds. Very well presented with pink roses multiflorous example? Queen Elizabeth. “Sprinkled with small flowers are a real pride of our balcony. Balance through Feng Shui Bathroom and kitchen decoration bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Attractive terrace decoration

Attractive terrace decoration

An interesting alternative would be to some extent forgotten fuchsia that the world triumphant return. It really is a beautiful flower for about 200 kinds of colors pink, red, violet, purple, or a combination of these colors. There are species of dwarf and wysokopienne. The plant, which can be freely shaped and pruned – so will fit in each balcony or terrace. Fuchsia flowers are so unique and decorative, it is enough to match them quite simple, such as pottery, which will not be competition for them. This plant likes partial shade and plenty of watering. Coatings used in the child’s bedroom Color combinations Cooking in full sun Contemporary outdoor area ideas

Contemporary outdoor area ideas

Instead of flowers you may choose to harvest herbs. Beautiful appearance, and this will be useful in any kitchen. To create an interesting composition let’s focus on leaf color and size of plants. In the beautifully arranged pots of basil, which comes in many shades. The most ornamental is that purple-leafed “Magic Mountain” is equally ornate mint “Variegata” with colorful leaves. You can combine it with common cottongrass as lavender. Add to that the low-growing thyme  composition and high species such as lovage, dill or tarragon. We can also select the species that we will enjoy a wonderful fragrance. Perfect for lemon balm or rosemary. Green decorating How to save sull’arredamento interesting tubular steel furniture Interesting balcon ideas

Interesting balcon ideas

Somewhat forgotten is dwurona flower gillyflower or MACIEJKA. This is the perfect addition to the color composition with small, low structure. Flowers are pale purple, gathered in clusters. But the biggest advantage of this plant is not a glance – chalices of flowers open at night  our beautiful smell. Maciejka culture is not difficult, it can be grown in almost all soils, the position of the sun to shaded. Plants also need something for planting. Choice of pots, planters and boxes is really huge. He must decide on one particular style and stick to it consistently. Well, it mentions the interior in which we live. Fashion this season is a natural material, wooden boxes, clay or ceramic pots. There must be painted or new. Compared with the natural beauty of the flowers, even badly worn wood will have its charm. Interesting Decision of galvanized steel boxes. For the interior, we can use different objects, and thus metal buckets or watering cans that are perfectly suited as a pot. An additional element may be different decorative stones or pellets covered with plants. Retro Interior design tips and ideas SILENT HOUSE assessment Sleeping in style New original design balcon

New original design balcon

They come in different colors and are an excellent addition to simple stock plant. An interesting proposal is so small, clear decorative glass that will glow like a diamond.You can also use decorative teak roots. There will be an interesting contrast with, for example ceramic Appendices .A what with pilgrims from the world of design? Very interesting solution is the pot – seat “Holly all, designed by Philippe Starck. Beautiful and very original will be presented to a large terrace. Of course, we can sit in it every plant. Equally interesting solution proposed by Jean-Marie Massaud. High Sachs Missed trees “made of plastic made still looks like a low plant trees. They come in various sizes giving us the opportunity to create unique compositions. Available colors are white, black and red.

Gardens under glass

Greenhouse, the palm house, greenhouse, conservatory, orangery, conservatory – spaces are constructed primarily of glass, designed for growing plants. The first greenhouses were created from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, the palaces, residences and parks. They were heated buildings, where the winter time you insert the plants in pots, such as orange trees, lemon and pomegranates. House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas

under glass

under glass

South-facing window, conservatory, provide plenty of light so that plants can survive the winter. However, the greenhouses were used not only to plants - were meeting places for the wealthy. Held there meetings, concerts, theatrical performances and balls. Fashion for greenhouses spread along with Italian art inspiring. FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY Future chair design style gardens

style gardens

In the nineteenth century, conservatories have begun to change its size and content along with the growing interest in botany. A new plants: palms, orchids and bananas. Palm House are buildings intended mainly for cultivation for decorative and didactic – palms, citrus trees, figowc?w bananas, cacti, etc. The palm house usually has a temperature of 14-15 ° C, but the plants withstand winter temperatures drop to 8-10 ° C. Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration an open-air and under-glass

an open-air and under-glass

Modern winter garden is a glass structure was built into the building, which naturally connects the house with a garden. Winter Garden affects the functional arrangement of the building. It can function as a living room, dining room or children‘s playroom. Before you decide to build a garden, we must reflect on its function: whether it will serve recreation, farming, or maybe a friendly admissions? Bookstores and libraries Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS gardens Under Glassъ

gardens Under Glassъ

Depending on the destination of a winter garden can be divided into: - Seasonal gardens – having a lightweight design. The skeleton is formed from a single glass-filled profiles or plates of solid polycarbonate. Numerous cracks in the bulkhead to prevent the maintenance of positive winter temperature. The interior of such space is not well suited to the place of rest in the cold, winter days. The advantage of the seasonal winter garden is a lightweight design. It allows buildings without special preparation of the existing terrace or balcony. These types of structures can be any shape – straight, in the form of a dome or on the set of the polygon. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring giants under glass

giants under glass

- Gardens all year round – enabling the use of the room, even in very cold days. With glazing filled with argon and design profiles in the interior garden is similar to the prevailing climate in the whole building. Unfortunately, this type of construction is difficult, and incorrect preparation of the ground or in poor condition could lead to leaks and design and cracking windows.Construction of the winter garden is a large and expensive investment, but it sure loaded means we will compensate the time spent in the greenery, where it is snowing outside and plagued by frost.

The light in the garden

Mood-lit garden can become a place where a group of friends we’ll spend sunny summer evenings. The light outside is useful not only for aesthetic reasons. With the green light around the house, we can at any time to see what was happening outside. Lighting the garden after dark, not only will facilitate the safe arrival home, finding the keys to the house, but also will deter uninvited guests – the thieves. Well-chosen lighting can also create full splendor and charm effects around the building, elements of landscape architecture and garden. Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source a special light

a special light

Properly selected lighting not only gives the space around the house of charm but also increases our security. When you create illumination in our garden, think about lighting the entrance to the house and gates. It is important that the light fell on the door handle, lock, and the platform entrance. Luminaires can be hidden by placing them in the roof above the door, or highlighted. For this purpose, suitable for high-power spotlights or lamps wall. Mounted on a wall are usually designed for compact fluorescent lamps. Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Contemporary lighting garden live light

garden live light

TL communication is best illuminated by the light uniformly. It should fall to the ground. A very good solution is to mount along the paths of low standing lamp or flat, small lights located in the surface such as driveway. They are an elegant and fashionable finishing element of the garden. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical stress and pressure of vehicle wheels, because they are usually mounted in tight and strong bindings. Recently, more and more popular they become glowing cubes built directly into the surface. This solution is very practical and elegant, but only in areas where there is not too heavy snowfall. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring solar garden light

solar garden light

It is very important as lighting the staircase , and any differences in levels, because even an unlit degree can be an obstacle for which is very easy to stumble after nightfall. It is also a need for light on the balcony or terrace. In the glow of light will serve well in the late evening. Delicate and very intense concentrated light will give a more intimate atmosphere, rather than scattered. Conversely, if we wish to highlight the detail of the shape of a garden or plant a garden at the same time illuminating passage, we need a light source placed at the bottom. Lighting pond in the garden brings a lot of charm. In the glare of the water in the tank or the iridescent colors of the various decorative fountain can be part of our environment even in the late evening. Properly selected lamp or lamps can be installed both in the vicinity, and under water. All electrical devices that support water should be located in isolated wells and monitored by trained professionals. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Garden Lighting Decorating

Garden Lighting Decorating

Through skillful manipulation of light, can be very interesting to shape the space around our house. There are many techniques for illuminating objects in the garden. One of the most famous are: - Traditional lighting – to obtain a well-lit space. This type of lighting is the most functional and very often is used to protect property; - flow around the walls – is an approach to uniform illumination of the wall. This allows you to emphasize color and texture of the walls; - The emphasis on light – so that incident light is direct and sharp, you can highlight objects or plants that we want more emphasis; - Tech Lighting mirror – this method is to highlight an object on the opposite side of the water in such a way that the person staring eg from home, she saw the reflection on the water surface. To obtain such an effect must be included underwater lighting; - Floodlighting – is imitating daylight by placing the light source over the garden; - Shading – a technique that involves lighting an object (usually trees) in such a way as to throw it cuts to the surface behind them. This effect can be achieved by placing the spot light on the subject. Modern carpet design Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters blossoming-garden-solar-light


Lamp holders usually have a simple, cost-effective forms and colors are neutral. But increasingly found very attractive and interesting shape of the lamp, for example, glowing pots, stones or bullets.Modern garden lighting is energy efficient and durable. We can choose among halogen, fluorescent or LED LED. These light sources do not heat up, and thanks to its small size can easily be combined in arbitrary units of light. Modern garden lamps may light directionally, emitting cones of light and lines. You can also find a lamp with colored filters, or rasters scattering light, activated by motion sensor, or a small LED lighting strips combined. Keep in mind that a well-lit garden will encourage farmers to leave the house and spend a warm summer evening outside.

Tool care products

Rose called the queen of flowers. Her image appears repeatedly in literature, art, legends. The tradition of setting up the gardens of roses was in front of thousands of years. Grown in the gardens of the rulers and the peasants’ farms. Collection of roses in the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences-Powsin is a collection of the nation. An area of approximately 3,200 sq grows over 600 species and varieties of roses. Gathered here are varieties that were important in the history of culture, as well as news in recent years (eg, roses , and the variety Polish translation.) Cutting and maintenance are carried out so that was the most visible features of the variety. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Home Garden

Home Garden

This year for the care of collections of roses are used for such tools from the garden Bosch: Cordless Hedge Ciso and Isio, ART 26 LI trimmer, lawn mower Rotak 34 LI. All tools supplied by Bosch to the Botanical Gardens are based on an innovative lithium-ion technology. Shrub roses, which can be seen in the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences-Powsin were planted in various combinations in terms of group identity and origin, and the nature and strength of growth and color of flowers. Among the oldest planted roses in the collection, known in ancient times, you can replace the Damascus rose (Rosa ? damascena), French rose (R.. Gallica), white roses (R. ? alba) and their variations. Most of the formerly cultivated roses is beautifully constructed and very fragrant flowers. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook home-garden interior

home-garden interior

There is growing one of the first cultivated roses with yellow flowers - yellow roses (R. foetida) and its variants – ‘Persian Yellow’, ‘Bicolor’. Interesting in terms of specific and, omszenia “chalices of flowers are produced in the seventeenth century, the so-called. varieties of roses Deepmoss (R. ? centifolia f. muscosa). Thanks to Chinese roses (R. chinensis) was brought from China, appeared in the breeding process of many new varieties such advantageous features as repeat flowering until the autumn, the red color of flowers, the noble “shape of the flower, but also lower resistance to cold and disease. Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas Modern carpet design decor ideas

decor ideas

Beauty collection of roses in the Botanical Garden – the stages Work begins on the spring discovering shrubs, usually in late March. First, the straw is removed from the climbing roses, then rozgarniane are piles of bark in the whole collection. At the same time, and sometimes earlier, begin cutting the bushes. First, cut the shrubs of park rose: species and their varieties, botanical and historical. Thereafter the cutting varieties of ground cover, and then the other – climbing, discount, and large-miniature. Cutting takes more than a month and usually ends about mid-April. Cutting is one of the most labor-intensive, but the most important works in the collection. Proved to be useful here cordless garden shears Ciso’s Bosh, by which the work is less tiring. You can shoot them accurately cut to 14 mm thick. Well-made cutting contributes to the orderly growth and development of shrubs and abundant flowering. In early April, sometimes planted and transplanted shrubs and have started working in the nursery of roses. At the end of the month the entire collection is fertilized with mineral fertilizers. Future chair design Home heating panels House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN

- Simply Elegant Garden

Home Garden

In May, performed chores, which include, among others krecich eliminating mounds, undersown grass on lawns, edging flowerbeds. From spring to late autumn, weeds are removed and carried to protect against diseases and pests. Among the important works should be mowing the lawn, which takes place throughout the growing season. Larger areas are a large mowed lawn mower tractors. For a more precise finish mowing in places inaccessible to it are useful tools such as cordless Bosch. This year, the narrow lanes are mowed mower Rotak 34 LI and trimmer ART 26 LI. For lawns and discounts look attractive and well used scissors Isio with the possibility of fixing the rod and studs for easy carrying tools. Cuts the grass with them comfortably into pochylaj?cymi to the ground shoots of shrubs. Linkage of these tools are put forward telescoping, which further facilitates the work. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY - Simply Elegant Garden

- Simply Elegant Garden

Roses began blooming in May and lasts until autumn. Most varieties require removal przekwitni?tych inflorescences. As soon as possible after flowering, from late June to late September, cut down the flowers and inflorescences przekwitni?te shrub roses. Then the petals do not rot during rainy weather, the fruits are formed is not, and lateral buds on the shoot grow young shoots with more flowers and flowering is prolonged. In this work, new scissors check Ciso battery.Shrubs are planted in autumn, the new species and varieties. Information was created in collaboration with Dr. Marta Monder – an employee of the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences, responsible for the collection of the Roses.

Bonsai in the garden

Bonsai literally means “tree in the tray.” It is a miniaturized trees and shrubs, which are kept in suitable containers, flat containers. This effect is the result of a specific crop and bonsai care. Miniature plants are artificially forced a flat root system, placed in a low bowl. In Japan, this is regarded as valuable works of art that are inherited from generation to generation. Arts cultivating bonsai originates from China (c. 400 AD). Two hundred years later, the Japanese took over the play and for the next hundred years brought it to perfection. In Europe, the first bonsai was published in Paris in 1878. For breeding bonsai are selected species of trees and shrubs with woody stems. For most of this formation are selected oaks, pines, yews, spruces, junipers. The least valued are short-lived species such as poplar. Exotic species such as fig trees, grubosze, karmona or sageretia can be grown only in homes. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY . bonsai in the background

. bonsai in the background

In this art style is distinguished by which is shaped tree: - Bunjin style – is a form of irregular. This form of the tree is obtained by rejecting all the principles of art of bonsai. This is a different style literacji; - Chokkan style – it is the basic style of bonsai is characterized by a form of straight, regular. Branches grow from 1 / 3 of the trunk. - Fukinagashi style – it is a form shaped by the wind. Trunk and branches are directed in one direction. - Hokidachi style – is the form most frequently chosen by beginners bonsaist?w. A tree has a crown miotlast?. From the trunk, which is simple, the branches grow, creating wachlarzowat? crown of the tree. - Ikadabuki style – a form that resembles grass. This is a bonsai grove, whose trees are sprouting branches vertically from a container buried in the trunk. - Kabudachi style - is a form of a tree with multiple trunks. The trees root system grows several trunks. Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source the Garden. Bonsai Collection

the Garden. Bonsai Collection

- Kengai style – this is cascade forums. It is a tree with a trunk hanging. Can have any number of branches, a top of the tree should be placed below the bottom of the container. The pattern for this style are trees and shrubs overhanging the rock performances. - Shakan style – a form of irregular, often used by beginners bonsai fans. Recalls leaning tree. Branches grow out horizontally from the 1 / 3 of the trunk. Lateral roots are partially exposed. - Moyogi style – reminiscent of the old form of irregular tree. Bending the trunk to be adequately visible, so that the appearance of the tree has become interesting. - Netsuranari style – the style is characterized by an odd number of tree trunks that sprout from buried horizontally in the container root. - Sokan style – it is a tree with two trunks, which can not be of equal length. - Ishizuka style – this is a way of planting individual specimens of bonsai on the rocks; - Saikei – this is a way to present the landscape in miniature. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Pine Bonsai

Pine Bonsai

The process of such training lasts from a few trees for several years. A properly formed tree has strong roots and radial tapering upwards into the trunk. The lower part of the trunk is in the third devoid of side shoots, and to 2 / 3 of partially exposed. The top of the tree should lean toward the viewer. The lowest branch is usually the thickest, and the other – the higher the thinner. The same principle applies to the side shoots that grow from the branches. Very important are the right proportion between the thickness of the base of the trunk and the height of the tree. It should be 1:10 or 1:15. Crown molding of such a tree is shaped like a triangle. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring Do you want to have a flower garden?

Do you want to have a flower garden?

To form a good bonsai, and sometimes a need for this radical action. Young trees should give the impression of old specimens, and therefore they are shortened, candled by cutting off some branches. Branches are often very wiring and bent on racks. You have to remember to remove all structures at the right time. Well done bonsai can not wear any tool marks. If we want our bonsai was formed in the garden, you should find a quiet angle for him. Thus has the opportunity to shine with their beauty on a background of green or brick walls. While the miniature trees in containers, evergreen, flowering and fruiting may well be a bit of gardening on a balcony or terrace. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables

kind fairy garden gifts

kind fairy garden gifts

Leaving bonsai outdoors during winter, it is good to be solid root przysch?a not and does not freeze. To this end, the best tree to put in a wooden box which is filled with wet leaves, or peat. Bonsai trees should be constantly moist soil. A good way is planting in a pot of moss, which prevents excessive evaporation of water. However, systematic pruning thickens the twigs and foliage. The root ball should not be too cropped. Too little will prevent the root of a suitable food plant.