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It is well known that the reception is a showcase of each company and an essential element function of image building. Perform the same in the main reception office buildings emerging – define the building. The first place, to which most employees and guests. Therefore, developers are increasingly attached to the arrangement of the reception as much importance as technical standards and architecture of the building. Antique Furniture Restoration Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Fantastic range of contemporary furniture best office interior design

best office interior design

The basic functions of reception are: to increase building security by monitoring the movement of persons, providing information about the facility and its tenants, visitors guests and to help in any well-fitted out reception always occupies the central panel a list of tenants and their location in the building. Interestingly, in response to the ever increasing demands of customers, which depends on having not only a comfortable and well located, but also the aesthetic offices, developers are increasingly seeking to combine the functionality of the reception with its attractive arrangement. Bamboo Baby bed design Beds: When simplicity is elegance CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE ideal office

ideal office

In most office spaces are characterized by a subdued elegance, and their design is versatile and adapted to the profile very different tenants, from creative agencies to law firms. Some investors, however, try to break this pattern. They therefore apply different materials: the shiny stone on the floor, semi gloss stone cladding on the walls, wooden accessories and glittering frosted glass and steel elements. Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Furniture design in blue color office inspirations design

office inspirations design

An important role in light reception: both natural and artificial. Ghelamco characteristic of office buildings are clear reception with very large glazing - says Jaros?aw Zagorski Business & Commercial Director at Ghelamco Poland, a company which is one of the leaders of the Polish market to provide modern office space . This type of arrangement allows for the extraction of architectural elegance and prestige of the interior and provides excellent natural light illumination. We used them as the latest projects: Crown Square in Warsaw and Katowice Business Point office building – added Zagorski. Home library designs Medieval furniture Original stool design Office Interior Designs

Office Interior Designs

An important element of the common reception is also a place where guests can stay focused and prepare for the meeting. Properly selected, custom furniture such as tables, chairs, and comfortable seats are typically a characteristic piece of equipment that space. Proper selection of colors allows you to break the furniture arrangement and to revive the subdued interior. Design of reception area is particularly important for those tenants who are in the habit of receiving their score from the general reception office. Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Tables of recyclable materials attractive office idea

attractive office idea

The last important element of well-designed reception is the technical side. Functional and valued by tenants solution is an automatic door. Mandatory are also curtain airbags and a system of entrance gates. For safety reasons, gates have become the standard in new buildings. Their number is adjusted to the size of an office building.