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A home library

Reach our home, sit in a comfortable chair and read a book is perhaps one of the most timeless plans. It’s nice to do in winter when it’s cold or raining outside, but when the heat in summer.Having a comfortable and convenient place will make this plan, the best evening of any day. Furthermore it is a perfect plan for those reluctant to new technology, read a book, remains an art for which no computer needed.For book lovers, have a room dedicated to books is essential. The books in perfect order, an isolated noise, warm sofas where you sit … stay aesthetically beautiful.To take full advantage of all the space, the most useful is to have shelves on every wall of the room. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Luxury home library

Luxury home library

In any bookstore worth its salt, the variety of topics is a fact, therefore, must include some vertical dividers by cutting the horizontal shelves to allow better arrangement of books in their subject matter.The bottom of the shelves, we can occupy it with drawers or doors, for books or special issues that need greater protection.It is advisable to have a piece that makes the role of standsometimes handle heavy books, we only use for consultations. In these cases, we sat down to read, if not we use them in a timely manner while standing. FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Neoclassical furniture Outdoor Wood Decks Stylish home library

Stylish home library

A stand on which to support this book will be of great utility, and our backs will thank us.In the middle of the room will place the sofas. Depending on the tastes of the reader, we will choose sofas with high or low backs, deep seats or more narrow parts which allow us to sit or lie down … The leather upholstery is the alma mater of any library worth its salt. The classic sofa “Chester” may be an option that provides a touch of sophistication to our stay.One of the most important elements of this space is light. If we choose, perhaps this is the room that deserves the biggest window. REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Contemporary home library

Contemporary home library

In any case, the area where you sit to read should be close to the window to take full advantage of natural light as possible. Clothe windows depending on the style that dominates the room, to ensure the light at a time when the sun is the main character, is essential to avoid reflections.The shelves should be well lit, most books have letters printed on the back and we can read them without having to move it out of its socket. We have lights specifically aimed at the shelves. The rest of the room should be well lit, and of course we must have small lights next to the sofas, which are essential when natural light is scarce. Bamboo Baby bed design Beds: When simplicity is elegance CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Elegance home library

Elegance home library

That tranquility in the atmosphere of libraries, makes them very intimate spaces. Surely our visitors are received in the classroom and the library is for personal use. For that reason we feel comfortable. The dress of the soil is important. The mats provide warmth to the space, allowing us to enjoy it, we surprised ourselves, moving barefoot through the room.Regarding the decoration, no rules, we can opt for any style, but without forgetting that the library is an important place, luxurious, elegant. CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Modern home library

Modern home library

Whatever the decor, it must come first quality materials, wood, artistic elements, pieces of author … and since it is a leisure and relaxation, we must avoid aggressive decorations, mixed colors and excess elements that give fullness.Surely we all have in our lounge or in our bedroom with a corner in which to put our little paradise. A cabinet shelves, a chair, a lamp and a small carpet, we wanted to recreate that space. In decorating the same rules should prevail in the libraries.The Le Corbusier chaise or the famous Arco lamp can help us provide our corner style and personality. A good book and a good place in which to enjoy it we will lose ourselves in the pleasure of reading.

Solid wood in a beautiful form

Solid wood furniture continues to represent a class in itself, this is usually the most reliable group priciest furniture. Especially if you are made of precious wood, let alone when we see them in a remarkable manner. Design Attic Design house HOLIDAY House Painting luxurious living of solid wood

luxurious living of solid wood

All of these features can be found in furniture that offers an American company called Hudson Furniture Inc.. House Painting Luxury apartment-style Modern carpets antique furniture of solid wood

antique furniture of solid wood

The designers of this company found a way to exercise furniture which beats the natural character of wood. Modern carpet design Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters modern kitchen furniture solid wood

modern kitchen furniture solid wood

The elements of which consist of individual pieces of furniture are treated minimally as possible, leaving a unique effect, you get the impression that they remain living in their own way. Antique Furniture Restoration Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Fantastic range of contemporary furniture elegant antique cabinet of solid wood

elegant antique cabinet of solid wood

Are used for the production of various species ranging from oak, beech, and pine share. SILENT HOUSE assessment Sleeping in style Style Bedroom bedroom furniture from solid wood in white

bedroom furniture from solid wood in white

A perfect example of taste and sense of inspiration certainly worthy of command.

The importance of the sofa

The life forms change over time, this is inevitable, the secret of a good decoration is not only to the aesthetic appearance, but it, is tailored to our needs and is capable of when our lives change chameleon ‘style “.Although all the rooms of a house have gone through different periods and styles so we focus on the games, and more specifically on the sofa.The choice of sofa has not always done according to the same criteria. Today premium above all the comfort, since it, we went in search of quiet times, recreation and entertainment, and in their seats we can spend hours, or all afternoon. Original stool design Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Comfortable modern sofa

Comfortable modern sofa

For years, the lives of family reunion was held in the kitchen and the lounge was a place that was accessible only to entertain friends, family or because of some celebration. At that time, the comfort of the sofa was not the most important characteristic to consider because no one went in it the dead hours of your day to day, which lasted barely an acquaintance visit.The decision was based on aesthetics, printing, coordination … we have inherited from that time impossible shapes, seats with sheer volume in the central zone, turned armrests with molded wood backs cervical proof … Full mismatch between aesthetics and comfort . Furniture design in blue color Home library designs Medieval furniture Modern sofa design

Modern sofa design

With the advent of television, the gathering moved to the hall, and at this moment when the stay is particularly important as far as comfort is concerned. The comfort of the sofa is becoming a cornerstone on which to rely in when purchasing these parts, but always from the viewpoint of the user to take in the sitting position.Spend some time sitting on the couch, so the height of the backs will be the main issue to assess when purchasing the sofa. The whole family gets together, families, frequently, many members, and therefore priority is that everyone has a place to sit. The “triplets” (three parts, three-seater sofa and two armchairs) becomes the undisputed king of the room. Angular: furniture and glass CART Bamboo Baby bed design Beds: When simplicity is elegance Leather red sofa

Leather red sofa

The high backs and the number of seats are an indisputable fact to consider the age of sofa.Today it has changed our lives, our families, our position and our concept of leisure and relaxation. Families have reduced in number of members, therefore no longer needed all that space capabilities.The living room has become the mainstay of a home, she develops all our activities.Our life has changed, we arrived at our house after many hours of activity urbanite, our position has been converted to the horizontal. With our posture change, we have reduced the number of seats favoring their size. We seek ergonomics above all, sliding seats, reclining seatbacks, models that include chaise longue, curved, armrest “removable, removable cover, deep seating … REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Contemporary sofa design

Contemporary sofa design

The lounge is the place of leisure for excellence in our homes, the couch is one of the key pieces to enjoy it the most. Our body will rest on him just as it does on a mattress, so the tissues where it is produced, filling the seats, the height of the backrests and armrests, are extremely important data to your choice, we feel it made our measure.Prevail the smooth upholstery fabrics like corduroy thick canvas or with armrests really low to support for the head to lie down. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Unique sofa design

Unique sofa design

The backs have dropped their height for aesthetics, and sometimes the back as we know it is replaced by free pads, allowing the support shape at will, and giving a casual air to our couch.We must be clear what is the use we give our sofa to establish clear criteria. A sofa designed in our care as our health, enhance our descasar and allow us to enjoy pleasant moments of fun in the company.


The dressing is my passion, based on their location available to the other rooms in the distribution of housing, and could not unless an article.We had talked about wardrobes, storage solutions and aesthetic possibilities, but the station was an outstanding debt.It is the dream of every lover of fashion and design. Everything in view, ordered, prepared, ready for use. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Stylish wardrobes design

Stylish wardrobes design

The shortage of meters of housing means that in most cases we need to give natural light into the interior of the closet, or it is just a wardrobe, and dress the task we have to develop in the next room.But today I will throw my imagination, I’m going to daydream with the comfort of my fantasies …This would be a large space, square, probably separated from my bedroom for a couple of huge sliding doors… REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Luxury furniture design

Luxury furniture design

Would have a huge window with lots of natural light for each color on full powers. Curtains play a key role, ensuring the light to protect the fabrics and colors …Would step on a carpet big and fluffy, with a nice touch to let me move around the room barefoot …The room would be full of cabinets, with many accessories on which to place all my belongings, with plenty of room, roll into a ball without anything … CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Dressing design

Dressing design

The drawers have glass fronts to view the content without opening them …In the center would bring a chair, a couch or a pouf, a piece without backups that sit to adjust the buckle on my shoes …Include an ironing board attachment that is hidden when in use. Have an iron hand would give me leave impeccable … Furniture beetle Furniture design in blue color Home library designs Contemporary dressing design

Contemporary dressing design

A small mini cabinet drawers for jewelry and jewelry. On it, a mirror as a dressing… It would have a lover, a rack, an umbrella, a display for my prescription glasses and the sun …The walls would be a light color, the color of the clothes would point fun at the ranch … Original stool design Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Functional dressing room

Functional dressing room

Brighten the room with lights around the cabinets, with light directed specifically to them, although I do not think that I am reluctant to put a hanging lampthat would put a romantic note …But the station also requires decoration, decorative put a mannequin in a corner. A box with a historic design, a magazine for all those fashion magazines for inspiration … accumulation.

Choosing the cabinet exterior

A few days ago we discussed the possibilities for internal distribution that offers a cabinet. But these are not confined indoors. The aesthetic and functional possibilities offered to us by external wear any style bedroom.Furthermore, different types of opening doors makes the sometimes limited space available for the cabinet, not a problem. Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Tables of recyclable materials Luxury wooden wardrobe

Luxury wooden wardrobe

The hinged door cabinets keep the beauty of the traditional, but it is a modern design. Allow us to open all doors at once and see completely inside the enclosure. In addition, each door can be decorated differently, glass, wood … which can make the cabinet, in a cheerful and fun design. If we opt for a close door design, the cabinet will look sleek and stylish.The sliding doors are the ones who allow us to better solutions when it comes to small spaces. Medieval furniture Original stool design Sofa stainless steel, pure art Modern furniture design

Modern furniture design

These are generally large doors, which is why the decoration embodied in them, will look twice. They are widely used in rooms with modern aesthetics, decorated with Japanese coffers, and crystals.The folding doors allow us to see the entire interior of the cabinet without a difficult time we are open access, since they will remain folded cabinet sides.In terms of materials, the range of possibilities is broad in its content. CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Simple furniture design

Simple furniture design

The wood provides solutions classical aesthetic, although the look is straight, smooth and without any seasoning, you can fit in an environment of modernist aesthetics.The glass adds shine, lighten the visual weight that prints a closet in a room, and also makes provision the cabinet color possible. Neoclassical furniture Outdoor Wood Decks REFRIGERATOR Modern green color furniture

Modern green color furniture

On glass or design we can develop ways attractive as serigraphs or attractive textures.The skin also saw some cabinet doors, making it fit in an environment of exotic and natural beauty.The shooter is a point of reference in the aesthetics of a cabinet. Steel, leather, wood … or totally absent, replaced by a hangnail, a recess in the wood that can put your fingers to grab. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Contemporary beauty furniture

Contemporary beauty furniture

The corner cupboard keep the beauty of geometry. And its aesthetic possibilities are about as likely as straight cabinets, hanging doors, sliding glass, wood, color …With each change of season, we renew the inside of our closet looking for new trends, the aesthetic possibilities abroad are so many! That could change the look of your wardrobe as often as the interior.

Colonial style

The colonial furniture is the result of the explosive cocktail of two ancient cultures, East and West.Two styles are merged into a single piece culminating in a unique and spectacular. The simplicity, innovation in design, clean lines and modernity that gives the Western culture, alloyed with materials, tECHNICAL artisanal and exotic finishes, typical of the East. A fusion of cultures that came to be delighted with exquisite furniture aesthetics. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Cozy furniture design

Cozy furniture design

These furnishings were originally designed as exterior parts, since materials that seem brought up directly from nature, bamboo, seaweed, willow, rope, rattan, raffia, exotic wood …Present at the terraces and gardens of some homes, for years thought that furniture was only available to a privileged few who had these items in their homes.But over time, this style has been gaining ground day by day, is that it comes with its own personality pieces, able to transport us to faraway lands, mysterious Balinese paradise … and they have made their way inside our houses recreating an exotic and relaxing style, by the relationship that still is given to the summer. FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Neoclassical furniture Outdoor Wood Decks Traditional furniture design

Traditional furniture design

Today, the colonial furniture is represented by all kinds of indoor furniture, bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges, lobbies, service unit …Within the colonial style, the design of each room is inspired by different natural areas like the sea, forests, flora, fauna … and if we look closely, they recognize in different styles within oneself.Firms such as “La Maison Coloniale”or”Banak Matters”is perhaps one of the benchmarks as a colonial decor refers in Spain. Highlighted in most cases a simplicity in the lines of the furniture that you can enjoy a greater measure of quality decorative braiding produce the tissues and the strong vein of tropical timber. Outdoor Wood Decks REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Furniture and decoration in blue and withe color

Furniture and decoration in blue and withe color

Although the supply is increasing day after day, this type of decoration still has some weaknesses, one of them is the size of their creations. These are generally large pieces, especially the beds, and sometimes depending on the design, add custom mattress 25cm on each side. Generously sized sofas, large chairs and coffee tables … abroad was generally unlimited size colonial indoor furniture is still a facet of polishing.We can choose to include in the decoration of our house one of these pieces but it predominates in another style, or decorating any room in full. We pay special attention to the additions. REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Elegance furniture design

Elegance furniture design

Although these pieces so special that some props needed, it is advisable that the decorative elements keep a direct relation to the style of the room.In the tapestries, quilts or pillows should be used fresh and light fabrics like linen or cotton. Light colors, beige, white, gray or yellowish, and plant and animal prints will enhance the ethnic and natural spirit of colonial furniture.For carpets, animal skins provide an exotic and wild that will further enhance the close relationship that this style has with nature. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Colorful furniture design

Colorful furniture design

We keep them in their natural color or dyed the desired color, perfectly adapted to whatever the prevailing style housing.Wood carvings, ceramics, ivory figures, masks, and all the memories of our trips around the world, will be the perfect complement to the decor.Since its beginnings were created for outdoor furniture, it is to move them inside, do it with a foreign party, plants, natural or artificial, are essential to complete the styling of an exotic stay.