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Outdoor – furniture, potted plants, soft fabrics and lighting

Outdoor Want to feel really at home this summer while staying in the air? To be sure, create a few tantalizing outdoor decoration with the help of furniture, potted plants, soft fabrics and lighting. Lighting on the outside once meant only the street lamps and the light bulb over the entrance to the house. Now, as important as the function is to create the right mood. Type of lighting you choose depends on your needs and budget. You can experiment a little, before you reach the correct result. Lighting, LED and compact fluorescent light is a low-watt energy-efficient solutions that provide excellent light, if properly rozmie?cisz them and hover. You can also use them to create the blurred effect of light at dusk. How do I make you in a backyard open space has always felt like in his own living room. Bath: Choose the toilet seat Bathroom Accessories: functionality, strength and design bathroom design – special fittings outdoor living room, dining room

outdoor living room, dining room

OASIS on the Balcony Even the balcony in the city can become a secluded haven. The screen material and an umbrella will help you convert it into a private corner. Low seat and large pillows allow you to completely immerse themselves in their own world, especially if you take care of fragrant potted plants! Soft low voltage lighting for the pots placed on the floor very well presented. Place powered lighting near the floor and corners, complementing them light candles on the tables and above eye level. USE A LOT OF CANDLES It is no coincidence that most of us enjoy dinner by candlelight. Delicate and soft light of candles and tealights helps us relax. Does not require power, and thanks to the protective latarence is a beautiful, vivid light creates a wonderful atmosphere everywhere, like a modern mood lighting powered by solar energy. However, remember to never leave lit candles unattended. Small baths Toilet and bidet in a small space Washing Machines great example of an outdoor dining room

great example of an outdoor dining room

ADD DEPTH IN YOUR GARDEN Creative lighting will make the garden you can enjoy both the inside and the terrace, even when total darkness around the Falls. Light up the lonely tree branch or flexuous, to add drama or porozmieszczaj lights in dense bush near the wall the house, creating a beautiful lacy effect. Show off your favorite flowers, illuminating them reflector that is easy to move with the end of the season. Relax with friends Terrace outside is a perfect place for social gatherings with friends or family. Low furniture and large cushions give it a loose, relaxed and lazy character. You can also porozstawia? large pots with plants, to give him more privacy and a more festive appearance. Fragrant plants such as lavender, give him a new dimension. Plumbing Quartz Bath Art Deco shapes Saunas Outdoor Dining Room Design Ideas

Outdoor Dining Room Design Ideas

NEW FLOOR TWO TIME Mats or rugs that can withstand the weather conditions is a quick way to hide unsightly floor balcony and make the outdoor area was more cozy and at home. CREATE YOUR OWN BEACH! Most of us can only dream about a house on the beach. But you can make a bit of luxury garden chairs with affordable , weatherproof. Can you bet on the terrace of the great bowl of sand? Feel like you przesypuje through your fingers, dip it in the interest of the children, or build a sand castle! Feng Shui Tips for bathing Linen bathroom Modern bathroom mixers Outdoor Dining Room Design

Outdoor Dining Room Design

Cozy evenings Holding the hand of blankets for the cooler evenings will provide guests with warmth and good humor, and dinner party or the court can drag late into the night. LET YOUR BALCONY WILL GET BETTER … Chairs set in the second and a folding table is a perfect idea to provide the functionality on the balcony. Pillows on a chair and something to transform a simple foothold seating area in a relaxing place for reading, gossiping or simply a place where you can enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors. Compact Bath, all in one Disabled toilet Family bathroom dining room

dining room

… AND MORE If you have a small balcony, a good idea to suspend the boxes of flowers on the outside – provided that the barrier is safe. In this way, you save more space for itself and its furniture, still enjoying the eye of green plants. NO uninvited guests! Mosquito net hanging on the tree, create an airy place to relax in a hammock or deck chair, while protecting against insects are obnoxious!