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Take care of wrought iron

If properly maintained, wrought iron is a simple yet sublime material, adapted to any style of decor. A short guide to maintaining your wrought iron.  Wrought iron. That’s thousands of years that the wrought iron is used. But it is mainly from the nineteenth century it began to be popularized and produced in large quantities, thanks to the evolution of industrial production. Boutique Hotel at the end of the world Butterfly table Carpets, curtains and pictures Wrought iron bar stools

Wrought iron bar stools

Wrought iron is a class of iron, particularly hard and malleable. This material is essentially working for goods sold on the market. It is particularly suitable for the creation of furniture such as beds, tables, chairs or shelves. It also support widely used for making decorative objects such as frames, candlesticks and doorknobs. Finally, the wrought iron used in the design of certain items included in the structure of the house, such as railings, security gates, doors and gates. Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Decor carpets Wrought iron patio sets

Wrought iron patio sets

Clean wrought iron. The cleaning method of wrought iron is the most common use of wire brush, whatever the form and use of the object. This tool allows to give a glazed effect to the object after removing all dirt and rust. Another technique to apply for a wrought iron object far from clear, is the use of fine emery cloth or steel wool. Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Functional shelves Wrought iron bench

Wrought iron bench

This is the preferred method for cleaning the wrought iron bars, with rounded shapes, or to perfect finish. In all cases, the essential first step in cleaning is to dust the surface with a simple dry cloth. Each technique ends by polishing the object using the polishing compound especially suited for wrought iron, and a hard felt buffing or cotton. Garden decoration Light and color Nails Garden furniture

Garden furniture

Wrought iron rust.
Rust is the main enemy of anything made of iron, forged or not. It can be caused by the passage of time, poor maintenance of the object, or by contact of iron with water. Toremove the rust that has settled on a base of wrought iron, there are two main methods. At first, this is to let the object dipped in oil. This operation will take several days. Then use a wire brush to remove any remaining rust. Retro Decoration ideas The walls of the house Two shades in one Wrought iron washstand

Wrought iron washstand

The other method is to use a specific product sold in shops specializing in crafts. This is a solution based on phosphoric acid. This solution removes rust while taking care of the iron, giving it a uniform color. Once cleaned and rust, it is recommended to put a patina on the subject. You can then paint your subject in wrought iron.

Give effect to his painting

For a touch of fantasy and originality to your walls or ceilings, there are painting techniques easy to perform, for a coating of the most beautiful effect. The technique of combing.
The painting technique is relatively easy to achieve, for more than satisfactory results in three-dimensional effect. living room interior design – luxury furniture living room interior design – multifunctional furniture living room interior design – new modular system Stylish Interior Design By West Chin Architects

Stylish Interior Design By West Chin Architects

It combines vertical and horizontal marks, respectively, performed with a brush and comb. Usually it is on the rise. The first step is to cover walls, ceilings and even baseboards with suitable adhesive tape. Then apply the acrylic paint of your choice that will serve as the base color and let it dry completely. The preparation of the glaze is done during this time of drying. In a bucket or container provided for that purpose, a sample pot and two parts glaze to normal paint are mixed. living room and relaxed atmosphere living room interior – fabrics, patterns and colors living room interior design – pure design and modern technology Black and white living room

Black and white living room

The next step is applying the new coating. To go faster and get a nice record, it is best to tackle the task to two. As it is often impossible to maintain throughout a length of wall in one fell swoop, simply try to go as far as possible by drawing lines with a brush. The trick is to go from top to bottom, then clockwise to the next line. These movements are alternated until the entire surface is covered with paint. Once the entire surface is painted, use your comb, rubber or cardboard to draw large oscillations in the glaze is still wet. Movements can be done from left to right and top to bottom. living room interior design- dining tables living room – cool design rotary chairs and comfortable sofas living room – space for the typical living room items Elegant style dining area

Elegant style dining area

The paint wiped.
This second painting technique is done with 3 different tools: sponge, rag or chamois leather roller. The system roll chamois is mostly used to have a blurred effect. In a painting of a shade higher than the base, dip the roller. After that, take a spin on the grid to remove excess paint. The next step is the application of paint. On a regular basis, perform vertical movements until you get the desired result. To have a more sustained, the technique is to spread a second coat of paint roller classic, then erase it with the chamois to create the effect. An ethereal bed Bedroom Furniture Design bedroom interior design – different living world trends for the bedroom Stylish bedroom design

Stylish bedroom design

The second technique of painting suffered most is the one practiced in the towel. For this tool, it is advisable to choose a natural material for your convenience and a better record. After being dipped in paint, squeeze it against the gate of the tray so that it leaves no traces of runs once on the wall. The application of glaze or the emulsion on the wall surface is by light tamponade, from top to bottom. Wall coverings for the nursery Wall stickers for kids West Elm. A store for those who want a modern house Painting wall in nursery

Painting wall in nursery

Finally, there is the paint with a rag. This technique is somewhat similar to the one made with sponge. Apply the cloth damp and crumpled on the rise. To have different patterns and irregular, simply varying the pressure. The cloth can be wrapped and passed through the wall from top to bottom.

Decorating small spaces (II)

Locate all our belongings in our house becomes a problem as time passes. The furniture design plays a key role in organizing the order of each object. Several seasons clothing, books, travel souvenirs, gifts … need a place to stay.In small rooms, the closets are a resource of great acceptance. Carpets, curtains and pictures Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Classic type room decoration

Classic type room decoration

They have the same capacity as any other cabinet, but to be housed between walls, charge much less visual weight in the decoration. Moreover, unlike the free cabinets, wardrobes are usually custom designed, so the loss of inches on the sides or the top is completely preventable.Whether in the master bedroom or child, the space under the bed is perfect for storing large objects that do not use routinely. Decor carpets Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Functional home decoration

Functional home decoration

On the market are cabinets that are placed on mattresses, so that this space becomes a big box to put the suitcases, blankets … In the bedroom child design, this space can be filled with drawers, but also There are designs that allow us to keep the bike in that hole, a “junk” difficult location, which usually takes receivers or aisles, obstructing the movement. Functional shelves Garden decoration Light and color Decorating small spaces

Decorating small spaces

The same goes for the sofa, in addition to being in bed if you like, models equipped with a module chaise longue, plus aesthetic and comfortable result, they can also become a cabinet.When space is tight, they often have to temporarily move the furniture to open a sofa – bed or access to a closet. Nails Retro Decoration ideas The walls of the house Bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration

The furniture on wheels will allow us to fast mobility, more comfortable and effortless.The hallways and lobbies are spaces that can be reduced in height. We can create a wooden ceiling. By placing a sliding door that gives access to the interior, this is a perfect hideaway for our “secrets.” Two shades in one Wall decoration Wall paint Cozy room decoration

Cozy room decoration

The table, the bedside or puffs can be replaced by trunks or drawers. In the case of use as well as seats will be enough to put on them a comfortable cushion to make them more comfortable.New winds blowing in the design of furniture, we head for the versatility, functionality, comfort … Today, the furniture comes to our houses to get your life easier, not to mention aesthetics also make us feel better.

Lofts, how to decorate

Today live in a loft stands undisputed design. It began as an economical alternative to traditional housing, but today has become a luxury lifestyle. Low or unused industrial buildings have become a hotbed of design.But it is possible that those who are at the prospect of decorating a loft, to do with the doubts that haunt anyone who is ready to decorate your new home, added to decorate a space that is poorly understood. Baby room decoration Boutique Hotel at the end of the world Butterfly table Modern home decoration

Modern home decoration

And although the loft scattered all cities for several decades, as everything that is innovation, requires a considerable period of time to adapt.Spaces are large, in which the air industry is the protagonist of the space. The high ceilings are your personal footprint, and they run facilities such as air conditioning, far from hidden, making them are enhanced decorative lights absolutely relevant.Cold materials contribute to the conservation of the industrial side initially breathed in the nave. Carpets, curtains and pictures Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Home interior design Thanks to its brightness and the absence of gaskets, polished concrete floors, to help amplify spaces. To distinguish the “stay” of a loft, you can choose to use different colors to dye the concrete floor. To enhance the industrial style, the ideal combination, are polished concrete floors with steel beams. Both materials are extremely cold sensation, we must therefore spatial attention to colors and materials we use in the rest of the decor. Decor carpets Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Contemporary home decoration

Contemporary home decoration

The interior layout is usually done through an elaborate arrangement of the furniture, the walls are absent, except that separates the bathroom. Separations can be carried out through glass partitions, panels, paper, screens, or simply back of a closet can be separated sufficiently. All readers Publishop are professionals and separation of spaces.It is advisable to use a limited palette, but very intense colors. Functional shelves Garden decoration Light and color Luxury home decoration

Luxury home decoration

In the kitchen and bathroom, are suitable bright colorslike red, orange or green, which contrasted with the coldness of the concrete and further enhance this sense of place aseptic should flood the lofts. In the living areas is preferable to use cold and soft hues. The walls of the house Two shades in one Wall decoration Modern Loft Decoration

Modern Loft Decoration

Due to the coldness of the concrete floors, carpets are fundamental, charge can leave the task of putting the point of color to the living room or bedroom and also through them also get visually separate each space.Regarding the furniture, little and big. Placing too much parts will result in a cluttered appearance, and we’ll see all of a single glance.A loft should give a feeling of emptiness, little, long, fast lifestyle, a lot of work … of contemporary life.

The top 12 of the decor Winter 2010/2011 Eurodif

We do not always think but the general public as signs begin to decoration. This is the case of Eurodif that despite low prices do not neglect the trends in the home. Discovery of decoration for the winter 2010-2011. Trendy winter house Baby room decoration Boutique Hotel at the end of the world Butterfly table Christmas living room

Christmas living room

Eurodif offers a range of objects in trends and fur winter cocooning. Thus we find fur cushions, throws, fur accessories raw wood that make you want to flee the fire … Eurodif also offers grounds for forest animals like deer for example, that one found on cushions, trendy this winter. Carpets, curtains and pictures Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Modern Yellow Design

Modern Yellow Design

Trendy Black and White
Black and white, the theme of many items: pillows, bedding, baskets, etc.. There are also the reason foot-holes that is increasingly present in recent years in the decor. Trend campaign
In the spirit of winter in the country, Eurodif offers a wide range of linens in red and white. Plaid fabrics, prints of farm animals like chickens or cows, or more contemporary geometrical designs allow a wide choice. Decor carpets Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Great Orange Kitchen Design

Great Orange Kitchen Design

Trendy Christmas
Eurodif Finally do not forget Christmas and offers no fewer than four themes to decorate his house this year. The theme of “Tradition” uses red and white as well as traditional designs in natural materials like wood or wool felt. Functional shelves Garden decoration Light and color Luxury Red Living Room Design

Luxury Red Living Room Design

The theme “White Christmas” takes us into a snowy forest by providing frosted pine cones, suspensions for white fir, or a candle for Christmas candles … the theme “Christmas in the woods” part atmosphere with more autumnal colors like green and brown patterns and forest animals. Finally, “Scandinavian Christmas” takes us to the Slavic countries with Russian dolls, suspensions for the tree decorated and finely chopped colors like gold and silver. The walls of the house Two shades in one Wall decoration Comfort and coziness badroom

Comfort and coziness badroom

“The atmosphere inspired Cities”

Heytens offers you inspire the world’s cities for the fall / winter 2010. The atmosphere of the cities is transposed in the collections of fabrics, wallpaper and home accessories. You choose your destination. Vancouver
The Canadian city mixes the color in a spirit world for a country chic laced. The prints are fresh, floral and graphic. All in bright colors and bold superimpositions. bedroom interior design – types of bedrooms bedroom interior design – variations Bedroom interior design ideas Vancouver bedroom

Vancouver bedroom

The Belgian town celebrates the planting of elegance and sobriety, peace and poetry. As a tribute to Art Nouveau, the style is sleek and baroque touches sprinkled with stylized flowers. Material side, the focus is on the damask and brocades to warm the atmosphere. Manhattan
The island of New York displays a contemporary urban style that recalls the architectural lines of the city. The result is a highly graphical environment with sophisticated materials between matte and gloss. Bedroom feng shui interior design bedroom furniture interior design Bedroom furniture: simple, functional and discreet Manhattan bedroom

Manhattan bedroom

Notting Hill The London neighborhood embodies the romance in an atmosphere of charm entirely British. Cloud of butterflies and flowers brewed settled on the pastel colors: green almond, Pink, lilac … Shanghai
Calls to the Chinese city on a colorful silk road. The luxurious fabrics with embroidery, cashmere and curtains and colorful red, pink and purple are a jumble of tradition. Bedroom Bedroom decor and interior design Bedroom design “clip” with adjustable headrest Shanghai Bedroom

Shanghai Bedroom

Megeve Mountain City encourages cocooning with a natural style cottage and a cozy atmosphere, warm. Plaids, wool, logs, tartans and rafters set the tone. B Up Down the bed with a “click” disappears into the ceiling. Baby room Bed Echo Alivar Luxury ski chalet for rent Megeve

Luxury ski chalet for rent Megeve

Istanbul The Turkish city blends East and West for a valuable decoration between arabesque, tiles and luxurious embroidery. Coppery orange and bring the heat inside. Bedroom Styles interior design variety of bedrooms A classic bed Ennerev reinterpreted in a contemporary Bedroom and Spa in  Istanbul

Bedroom and Spa in Istanbul