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Beautiful and modern wallpaper

Flowers returned to favor. Not already associated with nudnawym background for separators, but interesting part of the modern interior. Designers continue to create new trends. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Modern wallpaper design

Modern wallpaper design

The choice of colors, textures and patterns can be intimidating. How do I find all this and what is really trendy this year?Novelty animal motifs in print quality or texture. Leopard spots, zebra stripes or alligator is a real hit of the season. Will appear in the room used in passages like the place further underlined with the same formula for upholstery. In the neighborhood of a smooth wall to become really big eleganckie.Geometric design relating to the 60′s. They are characterized by strong colors. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting New original design wallpaper

New original design wallpaper

For these reasons, should also contribute to the sofa, or additions, making sure to focus on one, maximum two colors. Expressive design could not withstand the competition. Slightly different geometric shapes are referring to the OP – art: two-color or black and white cause optical illusion effect. On the wall presents an original. They can be combined with another wallpaper of similar colors. Fashion surprising combination of two different styles. The more unusual statement, the better. Design of furnace Dacians Fashion lighting Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Interactive wallpaper

Interactive wallpaper

With manufacturers offering comes to us ready collections consisting of several models. The groups are also often furnishing. For use in modern interiors.Photowallpaper are a real hit. Of course, not necessarily those of the palm trees or a picture of the forest. Designs delight in its diversity. Leitmotif can really be anything from grass stalks the city skyline. Really delicious range of designs found in the company ARTOFWALL: cherries, strawberries, lemons and adorn each room, not just for kitchens. Interesting solution is also own photos wallpaper. The company will realize any idea still. Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom The best attractive pink wallpaper

The best attractive pink wallpaper

Tapet Terminalen at the top are floral motifs. This trend has been going for several seasons, but it seems that they do not get bored quickly. There are basically buds varied vegetation, which regularly decorative forms.Rich, baroque motifs – lace-like elements, but also delicate “bedroom” models one, small flowers attractive option is scaled floral design . Style 60 Perfect for anyrated in choose wallpaper, remember to moderation. Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Wood decorative profiles and panels Contemporary red wallpaper

Contemporary red wallpaper

If you decide to intensive, large model, we do not have to use it on all walls. We stress the most interesting places in the apartment. In too many instead of pleasure can become irritating. The main wall in the living room or on the wall behind the bed in the bedroom would be suitable places. The rest of the room painted lichen or use one color wallpaper.

The importance of trade decor

The decor is one of the fundamental pillars for the proper functioning of any business. A business must provide the client with the idea of what you’ll find inside, to reach the audience for whom it is directed, and for decorating shops, to recreate a style.Then we can see how spectacular of a reform carried out in a shop in textile decoration.A few days ago we attended in amazement at the reopening of a curtain shop and textile decoration. Marriage Gomez – Lambarri founded this business in the basement of a family home, unfortunately in an area not too busy.Until recently the shop was a small place with no style, more like grandma’s attic than a trade of their own results. Decorative wall panels Design of furnace Dacians Fashion lighting Cozy home decor

Cozy home decor

The fabric samples were piled on chairs and tables, and gain a foothold to expect attention seemed impossible. In one corner, under a multitude of papers, bills, budgets, could be glimpsed a small desk where business bookkeeping. An exquisite and a good dose of imagination by the client did the rest. The shop conditions would ensure that no piece of fabric that would eventually become a warm and elegant curtain, but it was, we witness.After several months of reform and a few headaches, and full of excitement and enthusiasm came true last week. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Modern home interior decoration

Modern home interior decoration

The reform has been so spectacular that once completed, the upper floors have asked that operators screams continue their ascent.Edge of seven in the evening “Lambarri Decoration”was reopened, two elegant wooden doors and wrought iron, restored with taste. The hosts welcome us, some personalities, a handful of onlookers and above all, a few dozen friends, discussed the success of every decision made in the project.A cozy leather sofa, a rug and a small table we receive and invite us to wait in comfort while ojeamos a catalog. Inside, natural stone, with large windows overlooking the river, home to an austere decoration by the number of elements, and rich by their quality. Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Contemporary home decor

Contemporary home decor

Beams and infilling of sisal, wealth in the decoration of ceilings is perfectly balanced with the austerity of the soil. The dividing panels conducted with elegant furnishings, bring a contemporary edge to the d?cor.Furniture straight, sleek, horizontal markedly in the samples that occur in neat order. An environment intoxicated by a color chart that highlights the browns, beiges, golds, blacks … some detail loving like an old sewing machine or a meter stick.The oddest thing was to see how the majority of those present could not contain his curiosity, and approached the shelves to see samples, and when you go to a well decorated, your desire to see are unlimited. Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Beauty home decor

Beauty home decor

A trade decorated in a style and some marketing strategies, attract the prospective buyer, almost without him noticing.The decor is able to achieve truly spectacular transformationsin this case, has managed to transform a rural shop in an urban trade, more reminiscent of European capitals. The decoration you saw any trade, it must give prospective buyers an idea of what is found in the interior. Design of furnace Dacians Fashion lighting Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Beautiful home decor

Beautiful home decor

Decor wrong, mis customer expectations.All the guests could enjoy an event organized along the same guidelines that the project, he breathed in a delicious perfume of luxury, elegance, avant-garde and reality.The choice of a decorative element such as textiles is one of the most important in a house, requires time and dedication. It is common to test how a change in the decoration of a room can reach him at an audience that otherwise never would have.

Separating environments

Since the lofts broke into our cities for nearly two decades, the comments about its usefulness happen. The opinions, so many and varied, for or against, drivers and detractors … The loft was created as a new way of life and he will devote a separate chapter, we focus today on something that brought loft.The open spaces are the cause or the consequence of the lofts, but still willing to live in a single space that meets all our needs, there are tasks that require some privacy. Decor lighting Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Decorative wall panels Elegant home decor

Elegant home decor

The pursuit of personal space within the chamber, in the absence of partitions, requires creativity.Imagination to power! A lack of bricks, serve all those separation methods that happen to us, and solutions to our homes come in spurts.The screen is an oriental heritage, unfairly treated for years by its apparent futility. And there are things that have fallen into our hands, long before the rise in us the need to use. Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Innovative home decor

Innovative home decor

But now gaining strength every day allowing us to stay together or separate depending on the activity development. It is a light and comfortable option that does not involve the commitment of a partition wall that will last “forever and ever” in the same place.Any furniture placed strategically fulfill two functions. A library open on both sides separated environments allowing the passage of light at the same time for storing books, ornaments, figures … ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Colorful home decor

Colorful home decor

The back of a wardrobe, decorated as if it were a wall will become a dividing wall is placed in the center of the room.The glass panels may have been the latest addition to the world of separation. They are ideal spaces for avant-garde aesthetic. The glasses are transparent, translucent, broken, colored … well, we can use as a base and they put on stickers or vinyl, thus transforming them into pieces with an important influence in our home decoration. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Luxury home decoration

Luxury home decoration

There are panels decorated textiles and paper wound on the roof that do not occupy space, but made act as if it were a wall, wallpaper to our liking. Have the quality that can be converted into an element with a high erotic charge. Behind the panel, can sense what’s going on … but only sensed. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Art home decor

Art home decor

Curtains based beads, beads, plastic sheets together to form a panel rings, strips of fabric colors … are fast and economical solutions but also decorative.Life is becoming more communal, more plural and faster. The world is one and large spaces open to us … but we resisted and a struggle between meters and intimacy, squeeze all our creativity to develop truly ingenious solutions.

The receiver

Few areas have been so unjustly treated in decoration as the receiver. He has been taken all the attention it deserves, is the most overlooked of our homes. When we go into any house, it’s who we get, but soon after we enter each room and began to dream of decorating with the clothed, completely forgetting who welcomed us. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Modern home decor

Modern home decor

The hall is our calling card, a small piece of ourselves, which should impress those who like the postman, the messenger or the dealer from the supermarket, will not cross beyond the doorway, or prying neighbors who can not prevent the act of looking inward for the five seconds it takes to open, greeting, enter and exit.In most cases it is a small space, without much chance as far as furnishings are concerned, and for this reason we must pay particular attention to the style of the few pieces that are going to drop. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Stylish home decor

Stylish home decor

Be printed character and personality, and be able to dress the room by themselves.The first thing to consider is that we should not invade any way with furniture or accessories, so if it is a hall full of doors, no dead walls in which to place furniture, aesthetics must reside in the vertical parameters and horizontal, ie walls, floor and ceiling.We give special relevance to the ground with him on a soft carpet with large designs and colors, balancing the decoration with a large chandelier to define the style of the room. Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Decorative wall panels Design of furnace Dacians Home furniture decor

Home furniture decor

The decor will both visual weight at the poles is clearly a lack of furniture in the central area.The wallpaper is a good resource decorative receivers, as these consisted of small walls, we dare more with shapes and colors printed on it. The same role on a large wall can reach saturation decoration.The furniture should always be small, the auxiliary tables, telefoneras, banks, bare boureaus, chairs, sculptures, clothes hangers, umbrella stands and flower vases are decorative objects that abound in the lobbies of all households, but surely, the receiver is the kingdom of the console, usually accompanied by a piece of art or a mirror, allowing us to reposition the tie just before racing out the door. Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Wooden home decor

Wooden home decor

With the merger of the console and mirror can recreate the finest environments in all styles, even combined.Cutting-edge consoles, with straight, horizontal, hand in hand with impressive Baroque mirrors, gilded … or traditional, with curved legs, moldings, details, inlays, marquetry … the glass, lighten the space visually by multiplying the light. Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Wood decorative profiles and panels Beauty home decor

Beauty home decor

By design, without defined shapes, with racks built, hidden drawers … or exotic, made from natural fibers, seaweed, bamboo, decorated with plants …Photo frames and accessories are vaciabosillos star to be placed on the console surface. Sizes and large vases placed on the ground in front, beside or underneath the console complete the luxurious showcase of our home.

Ceramics, stone carving – nature

Enchanting minerals, stone, ceramics, art and animation of the interior usable, give a natural and ethnic value. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Ceramic bathroom design

Ceramic bathroom design

Pottery is usually presented as a classic form of simple geo-shaped white stone, colored ceramic and metal, but are increasingly popular complex shapes, hand-formed formula braided or irregular drapanym many associations with the art of ceramics inspired by nature and Africa. Often made of bamboo fiber, banana leaves or a mixture of ceramic clay. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Attractive ceramic medalion

Attractive ceramic medalion

They have original designs and colors of the desert, sand, shell, sun tan and decorated with exotic flowers rusty steppe compositions that promote energy inside the atmosphere. Ethnic composition of plants introduced inside the artistic and practical dimensions, select the character of the interior and at the same time enjoy the naturala lfresco.Butle, centrepieces treated as a ceramic art show unique decorative element. Decor Empire Decor lighting Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Modern ceramic vases

Modern ceramic vases

Made by hand from clay, refractory, painted angobami (kaolin or white paint consistency rozrobiona, colored pigments), decorated with enamel detail creates the impression of a subtle flash of ceramics in combination with a slightly rough natural structure. Ceramics, combined with the old wood is usable part of the original interior as a function of the cabinet, dresser, screen, fireplace and a table talking about your garden. Design of furnace Dacians Fashion lighting Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Interesting ceramic mix

Interesting ceramic mix

Ceramic spatial installations Seven wishes (work by Barbara Trzybulskiej) are used as modern sculpture. Spider web, you can install ceramic flakes in bed boards to compare with brush wood bedroom. Thus creating natural and expressive forms of physical klimat.Kamienne in shades of gray, beige, broken white, graphite, or green, structural, ribbed, like desert dunes open, irregularly shaped and polished to shiny satin and fully functioning as interior decoration. Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Wood decorative profiles and panels Interesting stone carving

Interesting stone carving

Rocks and plaster walls highlight panoramic living room, bedroom, kitchen and lobby, provides new forms of interior design by introducing deep ridges or decor, by the installation of finished stone cladding recess.Depending on the effect you want to achieve by imposing different structures and get the effect of monochromatic pigments or expression that diminish the area of harmonizing it with its surroundings or enhances the impression struktural. The stone forms are ideal for small and large areas.