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Mood lighting in the bedroom

Living space, reflecting the tastes and preferences of residents, primarily caters to the need for shelter and rest, in an atmosphere of family warmth. Lightingas one of the most important elements of building a mood of the interior, matched individually to the nature of space, promotes the exercise of individual activities, soothing and positively impacting on regeneration strength and vitality. Modern bedrooms designs New bed and wardrobe of Daedalus Furniture Fogliense Not only bed romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

romantic atmosphere in the bedroom

Providing the conditions for intimacy and a good rest is critical in a room designed for sleeping. Very advantageous is the location of bedrooms on the north side because the light coming through the window is scattered and gives a sense of coolness. Furnishing a convenient place to sleep, you should take care not only about the comfortable bed and modern facilities, but a lot of attention paid to layout lighting. The bedroom should play a leading role in decorative lighting, the mood inside the building, harmonized with the color and highlighting the material properties. luxury bathroom interior design luxury bedroom interior design – geometric structures and motifs Luxury beds of La Bottega bedesign - Bedroom Lighting

- Bedroom Lighting

Light and fun with a form of interior Premises for the bedrooms, usually accidentally separated from the larger space, space-saving features, as well as the unusual and sometimes difficult to manage shape. With the right distribution of light in any room it is possible to change the visual appearance. Fill the upper zone of peace apparently enlarges the interior, creating a feeling of height, while the lamp, which directs the light down, give the effect of darkening and reduction of the interior. LET: ergonomic bed Lollipop bunk bed Luxurious bath built New Bedroom Interior With Lamp Combination

New Bedroom Interior With Lamp Combination

Particularly beneficial in the bedroom is the abandonment of a central lighting on the ceiling for the number of hidden lights, focusing light on the walls. Lighting causes such apparent broadening of the interior. The elongated, narrow room, direct light on the shorter walls, offset by differences in the proportions. Very visually appealing interior lighting is mainly using wall brackets, in the form of a stylized flower heads. We achieve the effect of reducing the interior, which in some cases it may be disadvantageous. Double room classic ITB Ikea pillows and mattresses Inglesina has M’Home People Bedroom Interior Design - Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Bedroom Interior Design – Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Highlighting gossamer shrouds, insulating the place of sleep, wall cavities, which are used often for displaying images or other elements, enhances their aesthetic value in the interior. The rooms, designed in the bedrooms, the important role played by the so-called. indirect lighting, which is derived from the light beam reflected from the surfaces of walls, ceiling and other interior elements. Obscured by a light source reduces the brightness too much, gently extracting forms and objects, which are room scene. Choice of materials the children’s room Color bedrooms Designer beds design Ennerev lighting interior design

lighting interior design

The unique architecture of the interior of the bedroom, you can create by entering the aperture, covering a number of light bulbs or fluorescent linear. Highlighted on the back of the wall-construction, will provide the perfect backdrop for the bed, chest of drawers or dressing table. By using indirect lighting, is becoming increasingly important also suspended ceiling, which is highlighted by exposed shapes create a unique interior ambience.

Modular furniture in the style of the 20s

Furniture, referring to the style of the 20s Twentieth century, characterized by rounding massive fronts and bases. The individual elements are available in two colors: Honey alder and oak, wenge. Furniture Collection Tauri are available in good furniture showrooms journals Black Red White. Design 20s inspiration for designers and interior decorators. Especially for fans of Art Deco, functional and simple forms, was a collection of furniture, so you can create a unique and original interior. Modern bedrooms designs New bed and wardrobe of Daedalus Furniture Fogliense Not only bed

- Bedroom interior design

- Bedroom interior design

At the system furniture Tauri consists of 21 elements that give free interior living room, bedroom, office, or youth room. Among the available blocks are in the dining room furniture, shelving, website, cupboards, chests of drawers, dresser, bed, bedside table and wardrobe. Depending on the coloring – honey alder or oak wenge – furniture have different handles. Radiators for children’s room Read classics Divanidea Read The Diamond Shop bedesign minimalist bedroom furniture

minimalist bedroom furniture

“A new collection of modular furniture Tauri is a strong ‘upgraded’ the Art Deco style. 20s This first attempt to create a simple piece of furniture in the form. Using elements of the style and combining them with modern decor, we have a unique atmosphere and aesthetic and functional furniture, which you can create both a cozy bedroom, living room or office where the work becomes a pleasure “- said Robert Solowij, deputy director of marketing and advertising BLACK RED WHITE SA. Rooms for kids by Julia Furniture Steel bed of La Bottega bedesign Study room for children . Modular Furniture Design

. Modular Furniture Design

Among the latest proposals is also a wide range of kitchen furniture, which has been expanded with new collections: Savana, Play, Twin and Galleo. They have the design allow for free and innovative arrangement of both small kitchenettes and large, spacious kitchen with a representative. The range is available in the study of Black Red White kitchens throughout the country. The loft bed The quest for convenience Wardrobe for girls room for

- Stylish luxury bedroom interior ideas

- Stylish luxury bedroom interior ideas

Satin sheets on hot summer nights Satin set is a combination of naturally soft Australian merino wool and delicate satin. The result of this unusual statement is extremely pleasant to the touch and light collection, which is a perfect solution, especially in summer. Silky and cool satin bring comfort skin  irritation during hot nights, and merino wool will take care of healthy-looking skin – moisturize and soften . In this way every morning, feel a real surge of energy. Sleeps with satin are also good during the day. Due to the subtle, soft colors and an interesting pattern you can use the quilt as a decorative quilt or blanket to cover. Bedrooms Bunk beds Furniture Fogliense Cabinets and wardrobes Raphne Living bedroom Furniture

bedroom Furniture

The quilt collection is available in widths of 140, 160, 180, 200, 220cm and 200cm in length. In addition, it can complete a small decorative pillow with Merino wool. Bedding is available in 4 designs and colors to allow an appropriate choice for any interior: Lily, Leaves, Landscape and Greek Olive. Like most of the company WOOL STAR, linen with satin is a product of year-round, having a 7 year warranty on durability. Dry-cleaned organic.

Valentine’s arrangement of the bedroom

Romance, an elegant dinner in the restaurant, going to the movies – is one of the most common ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, you can spend a special evening at home. Just a few simple solutions to give a Valentine’s Day an unforgettable atmosphere. As a Valentine’s inspired by best serve the trend of “Sweet Memory” created by the brand Dulux ®. Bedroom interior design ideas Bedrooms classic Volpi Bedrooms for colored girls Zggroup Valentines interior design

Valentines interior design

Bedroom full of love – Dorothy Kuc, interior architect Valentine’s Day can be an excellent opportunity to change the interior design. Coming up bravely to the entire project schedule can repaint the bedroom. Sometimes, enough to buy one tin of paint and change the color of the wall behind a bed, and thus emphasizing its role in the room. Of course, to paint the most common, after all, is a day for two. Inspired by the latest color trends, we used a palette of “Sweet Memory” offered by the brand Dulux ®, which form a romantic, delicate pastel pinks overcome a strong red and creamy beige. bedroom interior design – types of bedrooms bedroom interior design – variations Bedroom interior design ideas



This warm, subtle colors put us in a blissful mood emphasizing the intimate nature of the bedroom. Cushions and soft fabric on the bed, complementary colors of the room, bring a pleasant atmosphere and climate of relaxation. The key trend of “Sweet Memory” is worth well chosen accessories: pillows, throws, rugs should be different colors, patterns and textures. That diversity will give the room a bit of nonchalance. Additions made of silk, satin, wool and suede are ideally suited to this style, and each other bouncing light enhances the whole arrangement. The unique atmosphere of candlelight and the highlight of their seductive smell. Bedroom feng shui interior design bedroom furniture interior design Bedroom furniture: simple, functional and discreet - valentine-Romantic

- valentine-Romantic

*** The trend of “Sweet Memory” – a classic femininity locked inside. Memories, stored emotions, tastes and smells form the foundation of our lives, give us a sense of security and awareness of the anchor in time. Trend “Sweet Memory” is proof of the excellent integration of past and modernity. The combination of noble materials, craft and masterly knowledge of modern technology, new patterns and designs, and interiors are gaining sophisticated, elegant and intimate character. Bedroom Bedroom decor and interior design Bedroom design “clip” with adjustable headrest Romantic Valentine Interior Decoration Ideas

Romantic Valentine Interior Decoration Ideas

Characteristic of this style are rounded, and upholstered furniture with historical undertones, tasteful accessories and modeled a variety of fabric decorated with printed designs and applications, combining the classical with the modern. All that is lined with a good dose of humor, which adds an unusual spell inside. Warm pastel colors chosen for this trend seem to emanate a calm, feminine warmth, bring relief and are a balm for the soul. Compiled with deep classic hues: zielonobr?zowymi, pewter gray, red lacquer and old gold interiors add class and uniqueness. B Up Down the bed with a “click” disappears into the ceiling. Baby room Bed Echo Alivar St. Valentine decoration

St. Valentine decoration

The author of the trend is the team ColourFutures ™, a group of international experts from the company AkzoNobel color – brand paint manufacturer Dulux® – and beyond. ColourFutures ™ team each year, based on observation of global changes in the lifestyles, culture, art, architecture, design and fashion, sets out five major color trends and color of the Year – the color of lead in the coming year.

Parisian chic and avant-garde in the bedroom – White color in the bedroom

The aim of the designers’ Dekoratorni “metamorphosis is a small bedroom. The room in the new arrangement will seduce the audience individually designed and will play a major role elegant bed in a beige color toothfish. A simple frame juxtaposed with a decorative, quilted pillow fits perfectly into the eclectic decor of the room. Glamor effect designers can now break the minimalist avant-garde interior Convention, deep purple color of the walls and distinctive features. The uniqueness and charm of the place will emphasize crystal chandelier and elaborate chandeliers. “The bedroom of two young people arranged a French style. Inspired by Parisian apartment, we decided that would be combined with elegance and lightness of form. Double beds with integrated bedside tables or not? Everything on the bed design beds, wooden beds and double Ikea Bedding Bedroom-interior-design-


We wanted this place was romantic and intriguing. To emphasize the exceptional character of the interior have introduced a brave, strong violet. In the bedroom there is also elements from the palace-style, which adds authenticity. The key and most important element of the arrangement is, however, the king, upholstered bed Mateo Collection Black Red White” – said Alexander Klupi?ska, interior designer. Parisian Style – beyond typical furniture and accessories – are ordering. Symmetrically placed bedside tables, cushions, curtains and candlesticks bring into harmony and order. The authors of the project are Alexander and Dominik Klupi?ska Brad, who has already arranged in a “Dekoratorni” many unique and original interior with furniture from the range of Black Red White. Designers device small room decorated in Parisian style. Will dominate chic and elegance. The results of their work can be viewed on Sunday, May 2, 2010, in the chair. 13.00 in TV4. interesting bedroom interior design interior design – bedrooms with beautiful decorations Iron mesh or wood slats White Bedroom Interior Design

White Bedroom Interior Design

She was, is and will be fashionable, stylish and elegant. White still fascinates and inspires. Looks great in any interior, giving it a uniqueness and class. white world, invites you to the bedroom, presenting exclusive blankets on the bed. Pearl charm The first proposal for a bedspread ANTILO MAIN UNICO. Pearly white covers will allow you to create a truly royal bedroom climate. The lower part covers form a classic floral ornaments, which smoothly into a wave draped layer, separated from the next satin belt. The upper part is pierced horizontally and classic cotton. Bedspread will look great in the company of both antique and modern furniture. MAIN ANTILO UNICO truly enchanted by your bedroom. luxury bedroom interior design Mattresses with air-conditioning system Imaflex Modern beds Desiree White Color

White Color

Alabaster beauty Delightful minimalism and charm of a bedspread alabaster ANTILO ELISE. Exceptional for exceptional design – the amenities bedroom, which has delighted the right feeling for beauty and architectural taste. The Spanish cover is made from high quality materials, creating a composition, not only aesthetic but also durable. Bedspread for its entire length is gently draped, giving the impression that is made of several strips of material. Her alabaster beauty will seduce you and your household. Perfect for modern interiors; will look good in a contrasting statement, such as black. Modern beds Ennerev Natural lighting for bedroom New Dimensions for the beds -design-bedroom


Creamy finesse Suppressed white combined with beige trim creates a unique tapestry Spanish ANTILO Antalya. It is surprising finesse of execution and ornamentation – models go through a smooth velvet ribbon in horizontal lines. Bedspread is elegantly trimmed with a thick hem, through which nicely fits the frame bed. Ideal for interior bright, warm and spatial. ANTILO Antalya will be subtle addition to your bedroom. Pillows, quilts and duvets DaunenStep Read classics Divanidea Read classics TargetPoint bedroom walls a neutral color

bedroom walls a neutral color

Milky oddity The last proposal to the Alaris BEIGE ANTILO bedspread. Thick milky coffee bars were illuminated streaks of pure white, making it the perfect decoration, not only inside the bedrooms of adults, but also to peace teenage daughters, who will appreciate the singularity of throws. Przeplatanka Color brings a lot of energy and joy into the room, which, however, must be well matched with stylish and well exposed.

How to care for the quality of your sleep?

Sleep is a complex process, in other words a mechanism serving the body, in general opinion, first of all to rest. The researchers argue, however, that our intuitive reception role of sleep is bad. They say that sleep is primarily used to regenerate the brain. The quality of living the dream and the level of regeneration, which mainly provides guaranteed way to prepare it. Especially important is the place in which they rest. Some people feel a great discomfort, sleeping in an unfamiliar room itself, an unusual setting. It is important also affected by factors such as location of beds, size of the room in which they fall asleep, the bed features – such as its hardness, height, width, and also the type used bed sheets or bedding. Thus, interior furnishings, the colors around us and the type of materials play a big role in our apartment. Pillows, quilts and duvets DaunenStep Read classics Divanidea Read classics TargetPoint

- White-modern-interior-design-bedroom-

- White-modern-interior-design-bedroom-

Healthy sleep If in everyday life, very much attention to the quality used items and their stylish qualities , we have to consider these issues when arranging your own bedroom. Reliable and easiest way to introduce elegance is the set of linens satin, in the original tone and unique style. The quality of our sleep will improve, if we be surrounded by high quality materials with a delicate finish. Importance is also the size and number of pillows. Read classics, traditional charm Save space Spring mattresses: prices and advice Beautiful-stylish-interior-design-bedroom-


The spine is the healthiest sleeping flat, with profiled cushion. Caring for the appropriate position during sleep, we provide special protection to our whole body and reduce to a minimum the risk of waking up with muscle pain. Especially popular is the linen satin, which is the ideal way to fit the human body, giving the desired warmth and comfort. Linen top quality satin can be, inter alia, to buy at the store ArtDecor24. Color linen is worth choosing the precise and conscious way, taking into account our tastes and the type of impact that we want to achieve. Remember that each color stands out for its individual psychological message. The bed box Vama Sofas The only mattress from Tempur waves Tips and innovative ideas for decorating a child’s room bedroom interior

bedroom interior

Sleep Timer The quality of sleep also affects the time when we go to sleep. The most important is that going to the bedroom, to feel tired. Forced to fall asleep at a specified time, despite the relaxed feel is not the best solution. We can be almost sure that this dream ends too soon and instead gain a new holiday memories of a difficult night. Experts advise that if a half hour we can not sleep, you should get up and get down to some activity. It is best if it will be very aggravating our bodies – is not recommended in such moments, exercise, or clean, but rather read a book or turn on the television. When we’re ready to sleep, your body will give us the know. It is primarily to listen to your body clock, or listen to your body and follow his instructions. There is also a rigid framework, how much should go rest. We need to sleep just as much as we need. Traditional and elegant bedrooms variety of luxury bedroom interior design We must let the baby sleep with parents? - luxury bedroom ideas in white color

- luxury bedroom ideas in white color

Healthy sleep begins with natural sleep onset (rather than sleep onset of forced medication) and the wake of natural (undeveloped from the outside world.) For a typical sleep time is considered a dream lasts 6-8 hours. But some are able to function well for many weeks, sleeping only four hours a day. There are also those who need up to 10 hours of sleep. It also appears that changes with age our need for sleep. This value is not constant. A bed with storage A small bedroom with amplitude A wooden bed made of English Comfortable Bedroom

Comfortable Bedroom

The need for sleep Sleep allows our brain to activate, reset all the accumulated information, and then sort them in an appropriate manner. Exclusion of thinking can simply setting the proper functioning of our body. Sen, according to the researchers, is an essential element that allows to maintain good health. Knowing your needs for sleep time, knowing when you really feel drowsy, you should plan your intellectual work, taking into account all known properties of our brain.

Healthy sleep in summer

In bed, we spend 1 / 3 days. Then regenerate the most strength. Healthy and comfortable sleep affects the well-being during the day. We should therefore take care to prepare a place where we relax and reflect on the selection of appropriate bedding. To make such purchases, do not even need to leave home - professional online shops offer a wide range of products. Rooms for kids by Julia Furniture Steel bed of La Bottega bedesign Study room for children

bedroom ideas

bedroom ideas

Determination of the conditions of sleep Sleep is divided into several cycles. For the rest is the most important phase of deep sleep. In order not to disturb her, it’s worth before bedtime, ventilate the room. This will enable the achievement of optimum temperature in the room - preferably, if oscillated around 16-18 ° C. You should also remember from covering the curtains during the day in the place where we sleep. The loft bed The quest for convenience Wardrobe for girls room for Modern-red-bedroom-with-white-bed


Thanks to the interior light will not reach, which may disrupt the secretion of melatonin by the body, which is necessary for proper sleep. If you decide to eat before going to bed, it should consume at least two hours earlier. You should also invest in a comfortable mattress, allowing the adoption of a specific position during sleep. Bedrooms Bunk beds Furniture Fogliense Cabinets and wardrobes Raphne Living

- Romantic Bedroom

- Romantic Bedroom

Linen effect on the microclimate in bed Under the covers, depending on the season, the temperature should not exceed 28-32 ° C. Po?ciel significantly affect the climate prevailing in the bed, must therefore pass the air, especially in the summer months. “Summer duvets should maintain a constant body temperature, not allowing for the development of microorganisms. Their light weight should favor the passing air. Compliance with the above-mentioned conditions will preserve the hygiene of the bed. ” – Simon says Sikorski, CEO Po? offering articles of bedding. Cabinets Modern Caccaro Camerette per bambini Dearkids Cupboards swing, folding and swing, all in order bedroom interior

bedroom interior

The contribution covers matters It is worth to invest in a selection of quilts summer with a suitable filling. Increasingly, more and more popular cartridges are made of elastic fabric finished silicone. Evenly spread over the entire length and width of the quilt, is not subject to movement. In addition, this type of filling is ideal for washing, as opposed to down or feathers, which can only be uncovered. Decorate the children’s bedrooms: easy, with wall stickers! Decorate the walls of the kitchen or bedroom Desk to maximize space

bedroom with bedding

bedroom with bedding

Size does matter A standard, generally accepted single-size quilts, is 155 (160) x200 cm. In the case of quilts for two people, a popular size is 200×220 cm. In the selection is always guided by the width of the bed, on which our recreational. The assumption quilt should protrude slightly beyond its shores.