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“Bath or shower?

The bathroom has always been always in the background, as to the progress of amenities and decor. In this decade is reaching the same importance in relation to other areas of the home, almost parallel to the lounge and bedroom.The bathrooms are being treated as true health and wellness space. Accessories to decorate the bathroom Bath Accessories Bathroom decoration Bathroom interior design

Bathroom interior design

They dress in the latest trends in materials for wall and floor tiles, toilets and accessories in varied finishes, sizes, textures, color, paying particular attention to comfort, relaxation and tranquility. Without neglecting the design and technology, as linked to elements of the bathroom.When it’s time to build, reform or transform our bathroom, comes the dilemma of choosing between the placement of a bathtub or shower. Small baths Toilet and bidet in a small space Washing Machines Modern bathroom interior

Modern bathroom interior

The tub is ideal for use in moments of relaxation and the shower when the time is short. Ideally both, but do not always have enough space, so we have to make the choice according to your needs, space and tastes.When you select either option, the space does not matter, is the least important, because the possibilities are endless and solutions regarding measures.To achieve visually spacious, clear and bright, the best option is the shower, accompanied by a fundamental element, the glass partitions, in demand by the effect of transparency and barrier-free feeling. Linen bathroom Modern bathroom mixers Plumbing Stylish bathroom interior

Stylish bathroom interior

The shower is still a new way of living the bathroom, perhaps by the time we have for personal hygiene, being quick and convenient. By having the option of placing shower columns, high-tech models, the shower concept becomes a solution time of relaxation and wellness.The bath is also gaining strength, achieving a classic and elegant touch, wanting to adapt the space inside the house to create authentic Spa, as the concern for the welfare, health and moods are becoming increasingly important in our day day. Disabled toilet Family bathroom Feng Shui Tips for bathing Natural style bathroom

Natural style bathroom

The models depend on the preferences you can choose from models with massage to physical exhaustion or to recharge our energy body.Like the showers, there is a strong possibility of solutions, almost infinite could say how many models and styles, from minimalist with clean lines and straight to the highly classical and Provencal, beautiful yet functional achieving a striking result. Bathroom decoration Bathroom decoration tips Compact Bath, all in one Modern bathroom interior

Modern bathroom interior

All together the environment and decor of the bathroom, wears the latest fashion, creating harmony with contrast for very different materials, from wood, ceramic or even paintings, can achieve a striking result worthy of admiration. Turning the bathroom into a new space for the enjoyment, both for personal care to the eye.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture beyond aesthetics also need to be exceptional strength, to find to find the bathroom furniture combines the features needed to take some time. Bath accessories luxury ideas Bath: Choose the toilet seat Bathroom Accessories: functionality, strength and design Simple bathroom color vanilla

Simple bathroom color vanilla

As a dream in search of inspiration for the bathroom furniture furniture present the offer by the Swiss company Laufen. bathroom interior design – combination with an excellent design bathroom interior design – Movement in the shower bathroom interior design – Soft curves Elegant furnishings bathroom

Elegant furnishings bathroom

It is a manufacturer of high quality bathroom furniture with a distinguished global brand. Bathroom comfort in a small space Bathroom furnishing Bathroom furniture  Luxury  bathroom with high quality materrials

Luxury  bathroom with high quality materrials

This time it is a combination of simplicity and traditional forms found in the bathrooms for years. All of these are made from high quality materials. bathroom interior design – For lovers of geometric shapes bathroom interior design – In the small bathroom it gets hot bathroom interior design and spa accessories Modern bathroom

Modern bathroom

Browns dominate the color and vanilla. Bath Accessories Bathroom decoration Bathroom decoration Classic bathroom furniture

Classic bathroom furniture

Calm combination of simplicity which leaves the impression of a fresh look. Solutions will be pleased to someone not fond of unnecessary extravagance in bathroom furniture.

Bath and shower in one

If you plan to purchase a place to live, usually for a long time before choosing his future home, we already have in mind the adaptation of the whole space. Unfortunately, often offer the market and perhaps most painfully of all, our ability to verify the earlier assumption. So how to cope with drastically less space than that of our dreams? How to decorate a bathroom, which has to fit the toilet, a place for bathing and laundry? Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring Ultra Attractive Bathroom Interior

Ultra Attractive Bathroom Interior

Bathroom 2in1 In the case of a large house, which quite often there is more than one bathroom, the problem of arrangement focuses on the decision, where the living room to arrange a swim, and where tasteful toilet. In a small apartment but usually everything has to fit in one place. Therefore, in addition to aesthetics and the idea for an interesting interior styling, at the time of planning should focus primarily on functional land use of space. In the bathroom 2 or even 3in1, in addition to the visual aspects we mainly on practicality. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Attractive Bathroom Design

Attractive Bathroom Design

Quick shower in the bathtub One of the first decision, before which we are designing the look of the bathroom, is a choice between installing bath and shower. This is not surprising – after all, want a long, relaxing bath in the foam, including scented candles, shower and puts mainly speed over pleasure. The latter is also usually less space, which for a small space arrangement is very significant. – In case of a bathroom with a small area it is ideal to mount the tank with a special screen - to advise the store Kamil Urbas – It’s the best way to combine the practical aspects of the shower and relaxing, relaxing bath capabilities Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Unusual Tubs and Inspiring Bathroom Interiors

Unusual Tubs and Inspiring Bathroom Interiors

This screen, which is its appearance immediately brings to mind a shower cap, it is much more practical and attractive than colored curtains, which often fail to meet its function well. The choice we have many models, complete with folding or fixed fields, made of different materials and different styles, so we can choose an appropriate arrangement for the climate. When installing the cover, you can afford a bathtub and shower installation kits typically spraying or sprinkling. A screen for the perfect way to shower without having to perform at home, in which up to now reigned Bath, repair of the revolution. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook

Attractive Bathroom Interior

Attractive Bathroom Interior

The corners of a cure for little yardage And how cleverly solve the case in homes with low running time, which in one room, except a corner bath must also fit the toilet? A good way to preserve the intimacy and hygiene is a clever separation of these two parts by a small wall or built in the arrangement of a screen room. So a separate area well suited for both small and some larger spaces. House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas
- Attractive Color Bathroom Furniture

- Attractive Color Bathroom Furniture

In a similar way from the rest of the bathroom can be separated, eg washing machine, creating a corner acting as laundry, which, in addition to the main household appliances needed, will also contain chemical agents. If your home has young children and / or animals, it is good to build in extra fluids and protect, or powders prior to their direct access.

Bathroom a sensual atmosphere

The importance of the bathroom as a private place of rest and relaxation is growing, and with it the growing requirements of cosiness and atmosphere of this room. Bathroom furniture is the link between the ceramics and bath, and thus play an important role in shaping the image of a bathroom. Therefore, when creating the latest program Duravit bathroom furniture company opted for cooperation with the perfect designer: Christian Werner. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries



Born in Berlin, is one of the most successful furniture designers in recent years, who won fame among others by the box-furniture for Ligne Roset sofas and models for Rolf Benz. More recently wowed the fashion houses and designers, fashion shoe, ZOE, by which he created an entirely new, sensual design shoes koturnie. Also, when it comes to bathrooms, a special role in his sensuality. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring Luxury-scandinavian-interior-ъ


“The current approach to the care of people has ceased to be conservative. The care is to play a major role in pleasure. Therefore, the bathroom was a room with a warm, sensual atmosphere, a place of rest, where we spend happy time, “says designer. From this starting point, he began to “imagine the furniture in the bathroom” and seek a long-lived aesthetic that easily dostosowa?aby to these ideas. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design

Symbiosis reduction and improvements The result of these considerations is a complete program of furniture with 44 compact components are decorated in simple elegance of tone, which can identify a lot of people. A characteristic feature of the program are clear, rectangular form, which, thanks to a width of only a filigree framework 1.6 cm gain in sensitivity. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors fantastic bathroom furniture

fantastic bathroom furniture

With a special Aluminum stiffened the frame can be used with a width of up to 140 cm, which allows you to keep a balanced ratio for each size. Another characteristic feature is the aluminum strip that runs transversely-handle, which is divided in an interesting way fronts, emphasizes the length and makes the items are even more slender and elegant Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook .

Beautiful Bathroom Interior

Beautiful Bathroom Interior

It is placed between the wooden elements and provides both ergonomic opening: the user can conveniently grab her from the top or bottom. In the high bar cabinet runs vertically. Emphasize the sensitivity of different decors forms: white, basalt and graphite care about subtle appearance, with a strong accent color is the red garnet. With its matt surface structure are pleasant to the touch, which works well when housing tanks, which completes the program. Thus Ketho offers a complete range of bathroom products and create a harmonious picture of the whole.

Italian design in the bathroom

In Latin the word means ovum egg and perfectly reflects the distinguishing features of a new series on the background of other proposals for bathroom design. This universal form, which is the symbol of natural perfection and latent in the nature of vitality. OVUM is a brand new collection, created for Sanitec KOLO by world renowned designer, Antonio Citterio. Modern carpet design Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters brilliant design

brilliant design

The characteristic shape of the egg is a dominant feature of the new line. Through its clear and distinctive form, OVUM perfectly organizes the space around them, leaving no illusions about other elements of the interior - the products of this series because unrivaled play first fiddle in any arrangement. Giving it a unique, contemporary expression, completely reinterpret layout of the bathroom. House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas - italian art deco bathroom

- italian art deco bathroom

Sinks OVUM this kingdom ovals. You can choose from a variety of models - are uniquely oval, streamlined and inscribed in a rectangle. Rated for zwieszenia on the wall, putting on the counter or cupboard. Bathroom furniture from this series can be optionally equipped with a practical towel rails. Furniture ENTRY Future chair design Home heating panels bathroom design ideas

bathroom design ideas

Toilet bowl and bidet are in a hanging version, blending functionality and style. There were plenty of advanced options, such as enabling a reduced cost of water for flushing. Indoor decorative attachment further strengthen the properties of ceramics. Feng shui – own source Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls

design in contemporary bathroom design

design in contemporary bathroom design

OVUM line includes everything you associate with Italian design. Uncompromising originality and functionality of marriage, concern for the smallest detail, adherence to uniform solids – whatever the individual components of a multitude of products, NEAR took care of it, to leave the impression of a coherent and lucid whole. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house

style interior design bathroom

style interior design bathroom

The Spirit of Mediterranean design philosophy is reflected also in the bathroom furniture. On the one hand, to the delusion reminiscent of precious wood veneer and chrome, the other – a practical system for silent closing drawers and moisture resistance. It is hard to escape the impression that the manufacturer, in cooperation with top designers really thought about everything.

The subtle elegance of washbasins

On the shelf is entering a series of bathroom ceramics EGO by Antonio Citterio. The subtle elegance of the new series was expanded a wide range of Sanitec KOLO. Simple in form, as the water and just precious – that’s the idea behind the latest line of products by Antonio Citterio EGO.A series of slender delights and meticulously finish line, while remaining in full compliance with the latest trends in design. Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source bathroom sinks to bathtubs. Simplicity and elegance at its very best

Elegance Bathroom

Early scene of a series of EGO brand NEAR enjoyed great popularity among consumers and among interior designers. Expanded and enhanced hydraulics change by world renowned designer, Antonio Citterio, has a chance to beat his own record popularity. Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Contemporary lighting bathroom interior

bathroom interior

Citterio, working with Sanitec Group, drew attention to the sink, which was given the flowing, rounded form. The combination of a universal aesthetic, references to nature and gives a blend of Italian design originality, harmony and craftsmanship. TABLES Tables Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Underline the elegance of bathroom furniture

Underline the elegance of bathroom furniture

Sinks EGO series by Antonio Citterio give the customer a wide range of possibilities, providing individual, tailored to the needs of a particular style of bathroom. To check the version hanging or resting on a piece of furniture, refined by the addition of chrome, side rails for towels. Sliding interior doors Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting Stylish-white-red-bathroom-


For all versions fit perfectly sets of bathroom furniture and exclusive, rectangular mirror. Complete set of bathroom ceramics, of course, bidet and toilet. A choice of hanging or standing versions of these devices. Standing toilet bowl is designed for installation of the cistern so. flush. Nook Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN modern bathrooms

modern bathrooms

Ceramics EGO, supplemented by the highest quality furniture, shower rooms Sanitec KOLO, creates a consistent, devoid of unnecessary lavish set, composed specially for people aware of their expectations, with a developed sense of aesthetics. Her nienachlana modernity, interspersed with a great sense of style and form, is a proposal for all those who are close to the idea of elegance. EGO product line has never been so naturally beautiful.