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Rose called the queen of flowers. Her image appears repeatedly in literature, art, legends. The tradition of setting up the gardens of roses was in front of thousands of years. Grown in the gardens of the rulers and the peasants’ farms. Collection of roses in the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences-Powsin is a collection of the nation. An area of approximately 3,200 sq grows over 600 species and varieties of roses. Gathered here are varieties that were important in the history of culture, as well as news in recent years (eg, roses , and the variety Polish translation.) Cutting and maintenance are carried out so that was the most visible features of the variety. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Home Garden

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This year for the care of collections of roses are used for such tools from the garden Bosch: Cordless Hedge Ciso and Isio, ART 26 LI trimmer, lawn mower Rotak 34 LI. All tools supplied by Bosch to the Botanical Gardens are based on an innovative lithium-ion technology. Shrub roses, which can be seen in the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences-Powsin were planted in various combinations in terms of group identity and origin, and the nature and strength of growth and color of flowers. Among the oldest planted roses in the collection, known in ancient times, you can replace the Damascus rose (Rosa ? damascena), French rose (R.. Gallica), white roses (R. ? alba) and their variations. Most of the formerly cultivated roses is beautifully constructed and very fragrant flowers. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook home-garden interior

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There is growing one of the first cultivated roses with yellow flowers - yellow roses (R. foetida) and its variants – ‘Persian Yellow’, ‘Bicolor’. Interesting in terms of specific and, omszenia “chalices of flowers are produced in the seventeenth century, the so-called. varieties of roses Deepmoss (R. ? centifolia f. muscosa). Thanks to Chinese roses (R. chinensis) was brought from China, appeared in the breeding process of many new varieties such advantageous features as repeat flowering until the autumn, the red color of flowers, the noble “shape of the flower, but also lower resistance to cold and disease. Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas Modern carpet design decor ideas

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Beauty collection of roses in the Botanical Garden – the stages Work begins on the spring discovering shrubs, usually in late March. First, the straw is removed from the climbing roses, then rozgarniane are piles of bark in the whole collection. At the same time, and sometimes earlier, begin cutting the bushes. First, cut the shrubs of park rose: species and their varieties, botanical and historical. Thereafter the cutting varieties of ground cover, and then the other – climbing, discount, and large-miniature. Cutting takes more than a month and usually ends about mid-April. Cutting is one of the most labor-intensive, but the most important works in the collection. Proved to be useful here cordless garden shears Ciso’s Bosh, by which the work is less tiring. You can shoot them accurately cut to 14 mm thick. Well-made cutting contributes to the orderly growth and development of shrubs and abundant flowering. In early April, sometimes planted and transplanted shrubs and have started working in the nursery of roses. At the end of the month the entire collection is fertilized with mineral fertilizers. Future chair design Home heating panels House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN

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In May, performed chores, which include, among others krecich eliminating mounds, undersown grass on lawns, edging flowerbeds. From spring to late autumn, weeds are removed and carried to protect against diseases and pests. Among the important works should be mowing the lawn, which takes place throughout the growing season. Larger areas are a large mowed lawn mower tractors. For a more precise finish mowing in places inaccessible to it are useful tools such as cordless Bosch. This year, the narrow lanes are mowed mower Rotak 34 LI and trimmer ART 26 LI. For lawns and discounts look attractive and well used scissors Isio with the possibility of fixing the rod and studs for easy carrying tools. Cuts the grass with them comfortably into pochylaj?cymi to the ground shoots of shrubs. Linkage of these tools are put forward telescoping, which further facilitates the work. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY - Simply Elegant Garden

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Roses began blooming in May and lasts until autumn. Most varieties require removal przekwitni?tych inflorescences. As soon as possible after flowering, from late June to late September, cut down the flowers and inflorescences przekwitni?te shrub roses. Then the petals do not rot during rainy weather, the fruits are formed is not, and lateral buds on the shoot grow young shoots with more flowers and flowering is prolonged. In this work, new scissors check Ciso battery.Shrubs are planted in autumn, the new species and varieties. Information was created in collaboration with Dr. Marta Monder – an employee of the Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences, responsible for the collection of the Roses.

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