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The light in the garden

Mood-lit garden can become a place where a group of friends we’ll spend sunny summer evenings. The light outside is useful not only for aesthetic reasons. With the green light around the house, we can at any time to see what was happening outside. Lighting the garden after dark, not only will facilitate the safe arrival home, finding the keys to the house, but also will deter uninvited guests – the thieves. Well-chosen lighting can also create full splendor and charm effects around the building, elements of landscape architecture and garden. Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source a special light

a special light

Properly selected lighting not only gives the space around the house of charm but also increases our security. When you create illumination in our garden, think about lighting the entrance to the house and gates. It is important that the light fell on the door handle, lock, and the platform entrance. Luminaires can be hidden by placing them in the roof above the door, or highlighted. For this purpose, suitable for high-power spotlights or lamps wall. Mounted on a wall are usually designed for compact fluorescent lamps. Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Contemporary lighting garden live light

garden live light

TL communication is best illuminated by the light uniformly. It should fall to the ground. A very good solution is to mount along the paths of low standing lamp or flat, small lights located in the surface such as driveway. They are an elegant and fashionable finishing element of the garden. They are characterized by high resistance to mechanical stress and pressure of vehicle wheels, because they are usually mounted in tight and strong bindings. Recently, more and more popular they become glowing cubes built directly into the surface. This solution is very practical and elegant, but only in areas where there is not too heavy snowfall. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring solar garden light

solar garden light

It is very important as lighting the staircase , and any differences in levels, because even an unlit degree can be an obstacle for which is very easy to stumble after nightfall. It is also a need for light on the balcony or terrace. In the glow of light will serve well in the late evening. Delicate and very intense concentrated light will give a more intimate atmosphere, rather than scattered. Conversely, if we wish to highlight the detail of the shape of a garden or plant a garden at the same time illuminating passage, we need a light source placed at the bottom. Lighting pond in the garden brings a lot of charm. In the glare of the water in the tank or the iridescent colors of the various decorative fountain can be part of our environment even in the late evening. Properly selected lamp or lamps can be installed both in the vicinity, and under water. All electrical devices that support water should be located in isolated wells and monitored by trained professionals. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Garden Lighting Decorating

Garden Lighting Decorating

Through skillful manipulation of light, can be very interesting to shape the space around our house. There are many techniques for illuminating objects in the garden. One of the most famous are: - Traditional lighting – to obtain a well-lit space. This type of lighting is the most functional and very often is used to protect property; - flow around the walls – is an approach to uniform illumination of the wall. This allows you to emphasize color and texture of the walls; - The emphasis on light – so that incident light is direct and sharp, you can highlight objects or plants that we want more emphasis; - Tech Lighting mirror – this method is to highlight an object on the opposite side of the water in such a way that the person staring eg from home, she saw the reflection on the water surface. To obtain such an effect must be included underwater lighting; - Floodlighting – is imitating daylight by placing the light source over the garden; - Shading – a technique that involves lighting an object (usually trees) in such a way as to throw it cuts to the surface behind them. This effect can be achieved by placing the spot light on the subject. Modern carpet design Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters blossoming-garden-solar-light


Lamp holders usually have a simple, cost-effective forms and colors are neutral. But increasingly found very attractive and interesting shape of the lamp, for example, glowing pots, stones or bullets.Modern garden lighting is energy efficient and durable. We can choose among halogen, fluorescent or LED LED. These light sources do not heat up, and thanks to its small size can easily be combined in arbitrary units of light. Modern garden lamps may light directionally, emitting cones of light and lines. You can also find a lamp with colored filters, or rasters scattering light, activated by motion sensor, or a small LED lighting strips combined. Keep in mind that a well-lit garden will encourage farmers to leave the house and spend a warm summer evening outside.

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