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Terraces and balconies. Spring-summer mode

Would you like to see spring in full bloom? Nothing could be simpler, with a little effort can turn your balcony into thriving, courtyard garden. The balcony and terrace can be planted many varieties of flowers. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Modern terraces design on roof

Modern terraces design on roof

The most important thing is to determine the duration of sunshine and, of course, it’s time to want to plant. Instead of traditional geraniums in boxes, we can plant roses. Potted flowers thumbnails of these require much care, but the joy with a variety of colors. Most at home in moderately sunny places, and it is necessary to protect it from strong winds. Very well presented with pink roses multiflorous example? Queen Elizabeth. “Sprinkled with small flowers are a real pride of our balcony. Balance through Feng Shui Bathroom and kitchen decoration bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Attractive terrace decoration

Attractive terrace decoration

An interesting alternative would be to some extent forgotten fuchsia that the world triumphant return. It really is a beautiful flower for about 200 kinds of colors pink, red, violet, purple, or a combination of these colors. There are species of dwarf and wysokopienne. The plant, which can be freely shaped and pruned – so will fit in each balcony or terrace. Fuchsia flowers are so unique and decorative, it is enough to match them quite simple, such as pottery, which will not be competition for them. This plant likes partial shade and plenty of watering. Coatings used in the child’s bedroom Color combinations Cooking in full sun Contemporary outdoor area ideas

Contemporary outdoor area ideas

Instead of flowers you may choose to harvest herbs. Beautiful appearance, and this will be useful in any kitchen. To create an interesting composition let’s focus on leaf color and size of plants. In the beautifully arranged pots of basil, which comes in many shades. The most ornamental is that purple-leafed “Magic Mountain” is equally ornate mint “Variegata” with colorful leaves. You can combine it with common cottongrass as lavender. Add to that the low-growing thyme  composition and high species such as lovage, dill or tarragon. We can also select the species that we will enjoy a wonderful fragrance. Perfect for lemon balm or rosemary. Green decorating How to save sull’arredamento interesting tubular steel furniture Interesting balcon ideas

Interesting balcon ideas

Somewhat forgotten is dwurona flower gillyflower or MACIEJKA. This is the perfect addition to the color composition with small, low structure. Flowers are pale purple, gathered in clusters. But the biggest advantage of this plant is not a glance – chalices of flowers open at night  our beautiful smell. Maciejka culture is not difficult, it can be grown in almost all soils, the position of the sun to shaded. Plants also need something for planting. Choice of pots, planters and boxes is really huge. He must decide on one particular style and stick to it consistently. Well, it mentions the interior in which we live. Fashion this season is a natural material, wooden boxes, clay or ceramic pots. There must be painted or new. Compared with the natural beauty of the flowers, even badly worn wood will have its charm. Interesting Decision of galvanized steel boxes. For the interior, we can use different objects, and thus metal buckets or watering cans that are perfectly suited as a pot. An additional element may be different decorative stones or pellets covered with plants. Retro Interior design tips and ideas SILENT HOUSE assessment Sleeping in style New original design balcon

New original design balcon

They come in different colors and are an excellent addition to simple stock plant. An interesting proposal is so small, clear decorative glass that will glow like a diamond.You can also use decorative teak roots. There will be an interesting contrast with, for example ceramic Appendices .A what with pilgrims from the world of design? Very interesting solution is the pot – seat “Holly all, designed by Philippe Starck. Beautiful and very original will be presented to a large terrace. Of course, we can sit in it every plant. Equally interesting solution proposed by Jean-Marie Massaud. High Sachs Missed trees “made of plastic made still looks like a low plant trees. They come in various sizes giving us the opportunity to create unique compositions. Available colors are white, black and red.

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