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Designed in the light of nature

Of course, organic and beautiful … Design inspired by nature is very modern. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Attractive design from wood

Attractive design from wood

The original beauty costume. Thinking about the interior of its size, shape, color and light that we see in terms of nature, the juxtaposition of the beauty of its color, space, shapes of stones, sand structures, or sea grass. Interior design trend is inspired by nature, natural ingredients, stylized shapes and colors of sand, crushed rock, bark, wood painting, vineyards, ethereal spider silk and floral motifs, rough boards, smooth texture of parchment or crystal form. What surrounds us, becomes a place of beauty charm copyright at the beginning of the creation of the interior in terms of natural components. Bathroom and kitchen decoration bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Carpets, curtains and pictures Modern wood chair

Modern wood chair

Colors of nature create mood. Invariably, cool and neutral colors work well in both natural and modern interior, a soft pastel palette, bright colors described as neutral in white, stone, sand, wood and its derivatives. The interior of the earth colors, white, gray and pastel green fast and Heather always looks fresh, harmonious, of course. Neutral colors sympathize with others in creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Ideal composition brown contrast cinnamon and lime accents. The dominant exotic brown and freshly ground jatoba ash produced by exposing the fullness of the aesthetic value of the individual components of the interior. The combination of natural tones of beige and green wood will create a reflective, harmonious environment and comparing the colors citrus interior becomes a dynamic character. Design ideas for small apartments Domain furniture wooden bed Sma Fantastic oak kitchen design and decoration Beautiful bamboo furniture

Beautiful bamboo furniture

The successful combination of furniture with simple geometric shapes, moving fabrics arranged space suit cut wall decorative travertine or slate, organic themes, flowers and decorative accessories, ceramic vases, woven wicker planters feature of the flower bed, antiqued patina frame, linen covers the seats, lined with sea grass carpet and wood stains bring holiday mood, and reporting components allow you to create a comfortable, elegant and timeless interiors. Symmetry of forms, shapes, met with the Zen philosophy among us has a calm peace, aesthetics and beauty of nature. living room interior design – lighting and lighting Mattresses Somnium Mauve and beige bedroom Interesting ceramic vase

Interesting ceramic vase

Expression of light. The light gives the interior of freshness and lightness of being, revealed the hidden properties, contours and shapes stimulate plant world, sets out the main architecture solution while mixing them gently in the background environment. Opened or closed space optical hot (and bright yellow color) or cooling (white, blue) depending on time of day and the chosen design interior. Bright walls, bleached wood floors, light permeable fabric in alliance with nature and bring out the reflected light rays of the sun, illuminating the inside of the plant so that it looks more spacious. Style Bedroom Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Tips for decorating with flowers New original design crystal vases

New original design crystal vases

Approaching the nature of the choice of soft cream light (tungsten), improve them, such as contrasting white beam (halogen lamp) in order to strengthen and balance the mood lighting. Fashion frame connections transparent, opaque glass, crystal ball as a stylish, geometric lampshades with corrugated woven in the context of the game with side kinkietami give the interior an atmosphere of vitality, warmth, comfort and beautiful shape.

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