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Bonsai in the garden

Bonsai literally means “tree in the tray.” It is a miniaturized trees and shrubs, which are kept in suitable containers, flat containers. This effect is the result of a specific crop and bonsai care. Miniature plants are artificially forced a flat root system, placed in a low bowl. In Japan, this is regarded as valuable works of art that are inherited from generation to generation. Arts cultivating bonsai originates from China (c. 400 AD). Two hundred years later, the Japanese took over the play and for the next hundred years brought it to perfection. In Europe, the first bonsai was published in Paris in 1878. For breeding bonsai are selected species of trees and shrubs with woody stems. For most of this formation are selected oaks, pines, yews, spruces, junipers. The least valued are short-lived species such as poplar. Exotic species such as fig trees, grubosze, karmona or sageretia can be grown only in homes. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY . bonsai in the background

. bonsai in the background

In this art style is distinguished by which is shaped tree: - Bunjin style – is a form of irregular. This form of the tree is obtained by rejecting all the principles of art of bonsai. This is a different style literacji; - Chokkan style – it is the basic style of bonsai is characterized by a form of straight, regular. Branches grow from 1 / 3 of the trunk. - Fukinagashi style – it is a form shaped by the wind. Trunk and branches are directed in one direction. - Hokidachi style – is the form most frequently chosen by beginners bonsaist?w. A tree has a crown miotlast?. From the trunk, which is simple, the branches grow, creating wachlarzowat? crown of the tree. - Ikadabuki style – a form that resembles grass. This is a bonsai grove, whose trees are sprouting branches vertically from a container buried in the trunk. - Kabudachi style - is a form of a tree with multiple trunks. The trees root system grows several trunks. Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Feng shui – own source the Garden. Bonsai Collection

the Garden. Bonsai Collection

- Kengai style – this is cascade forums. It is a tree with a trunk hanging. Can have any number of branches, a top of the tree should be placed below the bottom of the container. The pattern for this style are trees and shrubs overhanging the rock performances. - Shakan style – a form of irregular, often used by beginners bonsai fans. Recalls leaning tree. Branches grow out horizontally from the 1 / 3 of the trunk. Lateral roots are partially exposed. - Moyogi style – reminiscent of the old form of irregular tree. Bending the trunk to be adequately visible, so that the appearance of the tree has become interesting. - Netsuranari style – the style is characterized by an odd number of tree trunks that sprout from buried horizontally in the container root. - Sokan style – it is a tree with two trunks, which can not be of equal length. - Ishizuka style – this is a way of planting individual specimens of bonsai on the rocks; - Saikei – this is a way to present the landscape in miniature. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Pine Bonsai

Pine Bonsai

The process of such training lasts from a few trees for several years. A properly formed tree has strong roots and radial tapering upwards into the trunk. The lower part of the trunk is in the third devoid of side shoots, and to 2 / 3 of partially exposed. The top of the tree should lean toward the viewer. The lowest branch is usually the thickest, and the other – the higher the thinner. The same principle applies to the side shoots that grow from the branches. Very important are the right proportion between the thickness of the base of the trunk and the height of the tree. It should be 1:10 or 1:15. Crown molding of such a tree is shaped like a triangle. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring Do you want to have a flower garden?

Do you want to have a flower garden?

To form a good bonsai, and sometimes a need for this radical action. Young trees should give the impression of old specimens, and therefore they are shortened, candled by cutting off some branches. Branches are often very wiring and bent on racks. You have to remember to remove all structures at the right time. Well done bonsai can not wear any tool marks. If we want our bonsai was formed in the garden, you should find a quiet angle for him. Thus has the opportunity to shine with their beauty on a background of green or brick walls. While the miniature trees in containers, evergreen, flowering and fruiting may well be a bit of gardening on a balcony or terrace. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables

kind fairy garden gifts

kind fairy garden gifts

Leaving bonsai outdoors during winter, it is good to be solid root przysch?a not and does not freeze. To this end, the best tree to put in a wooden box which is filled with wet leaves, or peat. Bonsai trees should be constantly moist soil. A good way is planting in a pot of moss, which prevents excessive evaporation of water. However, systematic pruning thickens the twigs and foliage. The root ball should not be too cropped. Too little will prevent the root of a suitable food plant.

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