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The lounge contemporary decor

A contemporary living room is marked by the use of high-design furniture and color classes. The furniture should be simplistic and sanitized so as not to overload the parts. The contemporary style. The contemporary room is distinguished by the use of decorations modernized. To emphasize the modernity, the show is the top film. To do this, comfort and good atmosphere will await you. For more dynamism and simplicity, opt for sleek furniture. To reinforce this modernity, you can add chairs as Le Corbusier. A coffee table made of cylindrical pieces of wood goes well with the chairs. This will give a natural spirit in the living room to provide a calm, without agitation or aggression. living room interior design – sofas and tables living room interior design – styling and natural materials living room interior design – woven furniture cream and green retro modern living room

Cream and green retro modern living room

The roundness is go to this style of contemporary living room through the cushions with the appearance of a roller that provides a warm cocooning in the lounge. You are free to choose the layout that is suitable in your living room. For example, you can put a coffee table in a square located in front of the TV to be placed on furniture style wenge. living room interior design – luxury furniture living room interior design – multifunctional furniture living room interior design – new modular system Creative living room mural, with matching cushions

Creative living room mural, with matching cushions

You can also combine this furniture with a sofa always contemporary, with whom you can spend a family movie night, and poufs of white to make more seats in the lounge. Thus, the lounge turns into a drama “family room” in which the family can live in a friendly and compliance, not to mention the amusement of children. Contemporary decor marked by the well-being. living room interior – fabrics, patterns and colors living room interior design – pure design and modern technology living room interior design – accessories Luxury living room minimalist design

Luxury living room minimalist design

The contemporary style is disclosed through the design of furniture, light played in the room and especially the color. If you choose to adopt a single color, so a solid color, you are entitled to gray or white. Highlight the patterns and colors, this will give a more energetic, more lively and cheerful in your room. Otherwise, that is to say, if you want to use multiple colors, if you like the colorful style, make sure that the colors used are complementary and have the same value. living room – cool design rotary chairs and comfortable sofas living room – space for the typical living room items living room and relaxed atmosphere Attractive apartment

Attractive apartment

For example, if you choose the dark brown, associate it with the green jade or turquoise, it will create a pleasant atmosphere and will build on the spirit of modernity in your living room. The props and sets also play an important role to give your room a style that opens into modernity, whether cushions, lights used, carpets, fireplace and plants. Give life to your living room interior design living room – luxury sofas living room interior design- dining tables Interior living area

Interior living area

The color of the cushions should marry with the color of the sofa. Choose spots that are not of high consumption for lights. There are many styles if you want to make your fireplace a contemporary style. One can find a style on the wall, a chimney-shaped angle. With this stack, you can have a decoration that does not clutter your living room while enjoying a light with a warmth in the apartment. For carpet, natural style will highlight your living room. Choose the style Zebrano, that is to say a rug with striped red and chocolate-coffee.

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