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Kitchen Furniture in the style scandinavian

So popular lately Scandinavian style can be found both in your living room or bedroom, but was obviously also reflected in the kitchen. What really have a kitchen furniture Scandinavian? Kitchen Interiors arranged by designers from Scandinavia have similar characteristics as the rest rooms. Designers primarily opt for simplicity and functionality with simple, modern form. An innovative design in kitchens Classical and Modern Cooking Decoration of a small kitchen Traditional Scandinavian Kitchen Furniture

Traditional Scandinavian Kitchen Furniture

Color is usually the primary colors in bright colors like beiges and whites, sometimes refracted black or dark brown. Due to the fact that a large emphasis is also on the ecology, you can often meet with a display of drawings of the natural wood. Kitchen faucets, high functionality and elegance kitchen interior design – Architecture in the kitchen Kitchen with sliding counter Gatto design  Simple  Scandinavian cuisine

Simple  Scandinavian kitchen

Furniture components are then covered with transparent varnishes, waxes, or water soluble paints. Generally dominated by simplicity, modernity, and even a kind of sterility. A very distinctive style is sometimes a little chilly but certainly enjoying the eye. Kitchen-Decoration-Ideas Kitchen: cabinets, appliances, accessories Merging the lounge and kitchen design Elegant cuisine in a white

Elegant kitchen  in a white

The other side of the coin is that the interior in white can be a bit confusing when it comes to maintaining order in it, will certainly be mobilized to maintain the purity of exposing him in any dirt. Kitchen ideas for singles and families Kitchen ideas for singles and families kitchen interior design – the kitchen cabinets Wood Cabin Design in Scandinavian Style White Kitchen

Wood Cabin Design in Scandinavian Style White Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens look Pera Gunnarsson An excellent example of kitchen furniture in Scandinavian style products popular will of the world’s giant Ikea, or companies such as Sturko or MARBODAL. kitchen interior design – ideas kitchen interior design – Kitchen of steel and glass kitchen interior design – New colors for the kitchen Modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen design

Perfectly captures the beauty and character of the Swedish photographer Per Gunnarsson, whose works are published in today’s article. Picture perfect casting characteristics of Scandinavian design, can certainly stimulate the imagination looking for inspiration when designing her kitchen.

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