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American Kitchen

Kitchen furniture, kitchen interior, kitchen design, kitchen decoration, modern kitchen, classic kitchen, shtylish kitchen, luxury kitchen.The routine in which we are immersed today who belong to the labor market has meant that we have to rethink the space in our homes, to suit our lives.Years ago houses had huge kitchen, ready to develop in them a multitude of activities in addition to cooking, eating, watching TV, chatting with family, sewing … and almost all the things we do in the classroom today, before the unknown that only are frequented in times of visit or hold family events. Kitchen-Decoration-Ideas Kitchen: cabinets, appliances, accessories Merging the lounge and kitchen design Modern kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen furniture

With the incorporation of women into the labor market, the kitchen has been reduced in direct proportion to how we use it, providing it with mini-appliances, mini – storage, mutating in the classic bar bar dining table … until finally cooking and happen to be living two separate spaces, two parts of a whole.Gone are the years in which the whole family gathered around the kitchen table to eat and return to work in the afternoon. Kitchen with sliding counter Gatto design Kitchen-Decoration-Ideas Kitchen: cabinets, appliances, accessories Kitchen furniture in blue and withe color

Kitchen furniture in blue and withe color

That has been reduced to “eat something” in a bar near the office. From the table then went to a better life.Edge of eight in the evening all the family members begin their return home, working time has come to an end, but now we have a lot of things to do, little time to do and less to spend together.The union of kitchen and living in the same environment is here to solve this problem in the best way. Functional Foods and colorful kitchens design History Kitchen faucets, high functionality and elegance Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen

Each person can perform the function that takes without losing eye contact with other members. The time to prepare dinner is no longer an isolated event, regardless of who reviews bills on the couch or dusting the figures. We are together and we’ll see, this allows us to talk and tell us the details of the day. An innovative design in kitchens Classical and Modern Cooking Decoration of a small kitchen Wooden kitchen furniture

Wooden kitchen furniture

The separation between the kitchen and living room can be accomplished in many ways, but the most common is the bar counter.Function makes separator, visually limited kitchen space, large work area, as the surface of the bar is an ideal area to work. If we put some stools, is a perfect place for breakfast, read the newspaper … kitchen interior design – Architecture in the kitchen Kitchen with sliding counter Gatto design Kitchen-Decoration-Ideas Luxury kitchen furniture

Luxury kitchen furniture

Despite being a transformation occurred in the last decade, in which the straight line, horizontal, bright colors and steel flood our kitchen, you agree to perfection the mask of any style, classic, modern, colonial, retro, marine, industrial …Highly decorative, functional, convenient, commonly called “Kitchen” has carved a niche in our lives, right.

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