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small details – beautiful lamps

z When we say that enough light to draw a scene. Hole light, designed by Luisa Bocchietto for Martinelli Luce, is a lamp made of polyethylene with a diameter of 120 cm. The model allows operation of lacquered black camouflage on a dark ceiling, giving priority to the light bulb. The idea works, and already we imagine it to work in restaurants or retail space, the intimacy of a drawing table or illuminado an object as you would with a leading actor on the scene. Preview expected at Euroluce, 22-27 April 2009. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors design interior

design interior

Lamps Series Stacked made by the American designer Roger Borg do not need a bulb because the light passes through the neon tubes running throughout the structure of the lamp, each time taking different forms and geometric structures or irregular softly.Among the more colorful and Color Stack, a tower of rings cubic multicolored neon light or single color, the most recognizable Lamp Shade Lamp while the Six Column Merge boasts sinuous curves. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook Beautiful lamps

Beautiful lamps

The German company Tecnolumen present at IMM Cologne 09, includes Trabant in his bright new design.The hanging lamp, designed by Joachim Manz, is a sort of eye of concrete, with an iris of clear or frosted glass. The lamp is available in two versions, one with a stationary light source and a direction. Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas Modern carpet design - Modern Wall Lamp Design

- Modern Wall Lamp Design

007 for a name for this precious lamp and a little ‘secret that we will see a preview by Terzani the next edition of Euroluce. The body of the lamp, a glass sphere on a chrome base, coated inside with a gold leaf application, casts a light almost expressionist decorate the surrounding space, almost as connoting the object itself.Perfect for a classic modern small details love enjoy from the luxurious patina. Signature Item Bruno Rainaldi, author of other famous pieces of the catalog which Terzani Magdalena and GRA Future chair design Home heating panels House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Modern-interior-design


Pure Art is a toy made in Italy designed by LAB 81, now transformed by Slide in a lamp in accordance with the principles of design toy movement.Made of polyethylene and worked with the technique of rotational molding, Pure is available in addition to the usual plain white, even in new variations of yellow, blue and pink.As well, which draws its lines to the characters in the virtual world, is the ideal accessory for fans of cartoons and video games: an exciting alternative to brighten the spaces and enrich the spirit of the home. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY Unique-stylish-furniture-design-beautiful


The Lightpot of Shulab study, presented at the recent edition of IMM Cologne 2009, is both light and vase for plants, so a piece of furniture that decorates the environment as well as light green with a touch that never hurts.The light that emerges from the shade Lightpot, heats and lights up the plants that stand the harsh climate and lack of light housed in the base-jar lamp, thereby creating a small green area that can be placed anywhere.

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