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lamps interior – different sizes and colors

At the recent Milan Furniture Fair in Stockholm, the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell, presented its brand new design projects produced and sold in 2009 by Happyindustry.Three playful and colorful designs for decorating fun. The table lamp Symbio, available in four colors, looks like a candle holder in this case home energy saving light bulbs.Bold is a wall clock, available in two sizes, essential in the graphics, which has two huge hands on a background of solid red, black or blue.Finally Odd, the parure of hanging lamps, bowls and vases made of aluminum, birch and ceramics, with different sizes and colors that are a typical example of eclectic design whose form lends itself to different functions. Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Contemporary lighting lamp design

lamp design

Cheerful and ironic, Bulb is a hanging lamp, designed by Mammini Letizia, and Luciana Valeria Candido Spoltore of Study of Faenza Alt Lucialternative, Brand division of Signatures glass, characterized by a form that is inspired by the classic quotes and bulb bulb, in fact.Presented at Light + Building Frankfurt 2008, the entire lamp that measures 22.5 x 6 x max 180 cm, consists of a white lacquered metal support that radiates the light output to the speaker of thick plexiglass, transparent or satin orange satin, ironically bent to follow the silhouette graphics of the bulb. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring

luxury interior designs

luxury interior designs

As simple as setting the impact edited by Hung-Ming Chen Hommin at the Design Week in Stockholm, the Swedish and Scandinavian design fair will close its doors tomorrow. Thanks to a trick inspired the composition of a string of pearls, the clothes hanger are hung anywhere you place them beyond the weight and the proximity to the ends.The lamp Starlight, which completes the set up, but is composed by different layers that reflect light on each other, ensuring a smooth deployment. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Elegant-stylish-luxury-modern-interior-design


My particular predisposition for irregular geometries and unusual combinations, I have well against the light sculptures of the French designer Arnold Goron and in particular of The Light Fruit liqueurs.The lighting installation consists of 13 hanging lamps made of clay by hand, of different shape, color and size. Belle, by themselves, together they have the charm of the different things that complement the union. Too romantic and not very functional as a perception? Maybe, but what can I do if I designed it so? Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors stylish chandelier

stylish chandelier

Greek by designer Afroditi Krassa for the French company Ligne Roset, Hidden Agenda is a floor lamp-wall.This term does not mean that it can be fixed to a wall or resting on the ground, but the light that was not self-supporting, must have both carriers to remain in place.I find that looks bright and above all that spectacular (especially on the corner version) are really interesting, even if the constraint of the two supports in a product so great is not to be underestimated … What do you think? Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook - Luxury Lamp

- Luxury Lamp

That is holy can not believe it but it is surely the evocative Jesus Lamp, ironically designed by Mexican designer Ricardo Garza Marcos.A thin stainless steel support and a circular electronic ignition instant, enough to give this floor lamp for the areola of holiness in any environment. Remember this when you need an aura of innocent candor or want to suggest the measure of your blasphemous irony.

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