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In order to stimulate a discussion on new methods and approaches to design, Hannes Grebin has designed a series of at least the original furnishings, which overwhelm and rethinking the conventional relationship between form and space, taste and tradition, design and functionality. Future chair design Home heating panels House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Green Interior Design-

Green Interior Design-

Starting from the prototype of German classic 70′s lounge, the young German designer armchair has created for his diploma at the Bauhaus University in Weimar: the sofa Spiesser-Sofa, Ohrensessel, the belief Schrankwand-sideboard, the Oriental rug Perser and pendant lamp Deckenleuchte, characterized by bizarre forms and a covering of fabric weaves eastern Arabian Nights style. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY Coral – Great Lamp

Coral – Great Lamp

The need to live outside comforted by the eclectic and innovative design solutions, such as pushing designer Michael Hilgers to develop projects that will make this dimension of ‘other’ of metropolitan life, just functional, highly customizable and extremely pleasant.Among the various projects of the German designer, designed to live a balcony or terrace as an extension of your living space, comes the new Rohrspatz. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house

Modern Lamp Design

Modern Lamp Design

Ironic, eclectic and certainly useful, this accessory ledge, is perched with its prehensile legs, supporting a spherical body, 40-60mm, which can be light to illuminate your evenings outdoors, candle holder to combine a soft atmosphere or ashtrays to accommodate the remains of a moment of relaxation smoky. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Lamp Design Ideas

Lamp Design Ideas

Cordula is a lamp table, designed by a young German Stephanie Jasny, which borrows its shape from one object construction, the winding of an extension cord.Perfect accessory for an industrial environment with a clear inspiration, Cordula is a clever reinterpretation of the light spot, with the addition of the long cable (10 meters) and you can move from one point to another environment.His stand has tilt and the light can be directed with a range of 90 degrees. Designed for low energy light bulbs, Cordula is available in two versions, black with blue and white cable with the yellow cable. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring

Colorful Light of Pixel Lamp Design

Colorful Light of Pixel Lamp Design

The British designer Hannah Nunn creates a very elegant and beautiful lamps. They are coated with a special card that allows you to cut out the shapes on it that the designers do by hand.For these decorations inspired by nature and details such as leaves, flowers and small plants, and it follows that has magical and delicate tones.The collections of these lamps are varied and divided into four main categories, such as Botanical, Abstract, Illustrator and Fairy Lights.

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