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Houses in the roof space is remarkable. Thus we have a close and the sun and stars and those scenic views of the surrounding rooftops. To ensure your loft apartment light and airy to remember a few rules. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries New original design loft

New original design loft

Windows. First, we must illuminate the ceiling by installing roof windows. With most of the tracks are well placed skylights combined . They provide exceptional views of the apartment and add a space. Do not forget to install blinds allows you to adjust the amount of incoming light. Allocation of space Organizing space ceiling is best to leave as open space. Well see here kitchen. Separation of the rooms with glass partitions and use of glass doors to give us the illusion of more space. You also can use a maximum height of the ceiling, leaving an open space at the top of the roof (no ceiling or suspended ceiling). With this system partitions can be opened at the beginning and end colored glass or Plexiglas. This procedure expands the space visually and color can be an interesting accent. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Attractive loft ideas

Attractive loft ideas

Colors. To obtain a light and bright interior work best in bright colors for walls and floors. White, light yellow, brown clear increase in space. use life orange brighten the room. The walls, painted ceiling and swaths of the same color, so you avoid the stress of inclined to give a coherent internal block. Also, large furniture such as sofa or cabinet should be the same color light. Introduction of the apartment, which revived a strong color accents in the annexes (pillows, chairs, chairs). Well bring light blending smoothly into bed flat background with colorful pillows and armchairs. Remember that a uniform color throughout the home, which harmonize and expand space. So we limit the number of colors to two or three. Furniture ENTRY Future chair design Home heating panels Contemporary loft decoration

Contemporary loft decoration

Furniture. The optimum solution is to use the tracks for the implementation of furniture. Best to check cupboards with sliding doors. Upon request, waiting drawers and cabinets on wheels, designed to make the space even at low inclined. They come into the center of the room, we have easy access to contents. Elements of buildings constructed in the same color as the wall will not focus on inclined. However, implementation of development with glass shelves and illuminated visually expand the space. Putting several com dek low sloping, stylish box or trunk will highlight the climate of the ceiling. Fitting circles to them to facilitate their movement. At an angle, lower shelves, and we can give the television equipment. Avoid large, heavy, tall furniture and libraries, even on vertical walls of the ridge. At an angle begins at a height not less than 140 cm will fit normal couch. To not loaded area is best to choose a light, low models. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Luxury design loft

Luxury design loft

Distribution is loaded room with large sitting area set back. Better places are without relying on slender legs. Another solution is to use multiple hop locations, pillows and bags Jacket. The vertical wall of the attic is a good place to hang paintings, photographs and book shelves. Table with chairs placed in the top spot on the ceiling. Place to work well is to organize windows (do not forget to install blinds in them.) The kitchen cabinets go lower cover glass and illuminated by after. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Interesting loft ideas

Interesting loft ideas

Slant the bathroom is a good place to put the tub. But remember that each location of equipment for their use was convenient. Too low a ceiling for the bathroom will prevent us from going up to it. Maintaining an appropriate distance is also very important in the development of the toilet. The highest point of the bathroom sink can be placed. Using mirrors expand the space ?Bathrooms .Internal lighting. If we are fortunate to have a loft with high ceilings can experiment with lighting: suspended many small fittings for long cables or several large lampshades. If you have decided to organize a ceiling on the ceiling lowered to better release the chandeliers and install spot lights, ceiling – eyes reflector halogen illumination tilted geometric variations of space.

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