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The dressing is my passion, based on their location available to the other rooms in the distribution of housing, and could not unless an article.We had talked about wardrobes, storage solutions and aesthetic possibilities, but the station was an outstanding debt.It is the dream of every lover of fashion and design. Everything in view, ordered, prepared, ready for use. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Stylish wardrobes design

Stylish wardrobes design

The shortage of meters of housing means that in most cases we need to give natural light into the interior of the closet, or it is just a wardrobe, and dress the task we have to develop in the next room.But today I will throw my imagination, I’m going to daydream with the comfort of my fantasies …This would be a large space, square, probably separated from my bedroom for a couple of huge sliding doors… REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Luxury furniture design

Luxury furniture design

Would have a huge window with lots of natural light for each color on full powers. Curtains play a key role, ensuring the light to protect the fabrics and colors …Would step on a carpet big and fluffy, with a nice touch to let me move around the room barefoot …The room would be full of cabinets, with many accessories on which to place all my belongings, with plenty of room, roll into a ball without anything … CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Dressing design

Dressing design

The drawers have glass fronts to view the content without opening them …In the center would bring a chair, a couch or a pouf, a piece without backups that sit to adjust the buckle on my shoes …Include an ironing board attachment that is hidden when in use. Have an iron hand would give me leave impeccable … Furniture beetle Furniture design in blue color Home library designs Contemporary dressing design

Contemporary dressing design

A small mini cabinet drawers for jewelry and jewelry. On it, a mirror as a dressing… It would have a lover, a rack, an umbrella, a display for my prescription glasses and the sun …The walls would be a light color, the color of the clothes would point fun at the ranch … Original stool design Sofa stainless steel, pure art Sofas and chairs Functional dressing room

Functional dressing room

Brighten the room with lights around the cabinets, with light directed specifically to them, although I do not think that I am reluctant to put a hanging lampthat would put a romantic note …But the station also requires decoration, decorative put a mannequin in a corner. A box with a historic design, a magazine for all those fashion magazines for inspiration … accumulation.

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