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A home library

Reach our home, sit in a comfortable chair and read a book is perhaps one of the most timeless plans. It’s nice to do in winter when it’s cold or raining outside, but when the heat in summer.Having a comfortable and convenient place will make this plan, the best evening of any day. Furthermore it is a perfect plan for those reluctant to new technology, read a book, remains an art for which no computer needed.For book lovers, have a room dedicated to books is essential. The books in perfect order, an isolated noise, warm sofas where you sit … stay aesthetically beautiful.To take full advantage of all the space, the most useful is to have shelves on every wall of the room. Fantastic range of contemporary furniture Functional furniture FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Luxury home library

Luxury home library

In any bookstore worth its salt, the variety of topics is a fact, therefore, must include some vertical dividers by cutting the horizontal shelves to allow better arrangement of books in their subject matter.The bottom of the shelves, we can occupy it with drawers or doors, for books or special issues that need greater protection.It is advisable to have a piece that makes the role of standsometimes handle heavy books, we only use for consultations. In these cases, we sat down to read, if not we use them in a timely manner while standing. FURNITURE Louis XII (XVII century) Neoclassical furniture Outdoor Wood Decks Stylish home library

Stylish home library

A stand on which to support this book will be of great utility, and our backs will thank us.In the middle of the room will place the sofas. Depending on the tastes of the reader, we will choose sofas with high or low backs, deep seats or more narrow parts which allow us to sit or lie down … The leather upholstery is the alma mater of any library worth its salt. The classic sofa “Chester” may be an option that provides a touch of sophistication to our stay.One of the most important elements of this space is light. If we choose, perhaps this is the room that deserves the biggest window. REFRIGERATOR Rococo Furniture Sofas that don’t go out of style Contemporary home library

Contemporary home library

In any case, the area where you sit to read should be close to the window to take full advantage of natural light as possible. Clothe windows depending on the style that dominates the room, to ensure the light at a time when the sun is the main character, is essential to avoid reflections.The shelves should be well lit, most books have letters printed on the back and we can read them without having to move it out of its socket. We have lights specifically aimed at the shelves. The rest of the room should be well lit, and of course we must have small lights next to the sofas, which are essential when natural light is scarce. Bamboo Baby bed design Beds: When simplicity is elegance CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Elegance home library

Elegance home library

That tranquility in the atmosphere of libraries, makes them very intimate spaces. Surely our visitors are received in the classroom and the library is for personal use. For that reason we feel comfortable. The dress of the soil is important. The mats provide warmth to the space, allowing us to enjoy it, we surprised ourselves, moving barefoot through the room.Regarding the decoration, no rules, we can opt for any style, but without forgetting that the library is an important place, luxurious, elegant. CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE STYLE Design cushion chair Furniture beetle Modern home library

Modern home library

Whatever the decor, it must come first quality materials, wood, artistic elements, pieces of author … and since it is a leisure and relaxation, we must avoid aggressive decorations, mixed colors and excess elements that give fullness.Surely we all have in our lounge or in our bedroom with a corner in which to put our little paradise. A cabinet shelves, a chair, a lamp and a small carpet, we wanted to recreate that space. In decorating the same rules should prevail in the libraries.The Le Corbusier chaise or the famous Arco lamp can help us provide our corner style and personality. A good book and a good place in which to enjoy it we will lose ourselves in the pleasure of reading.

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