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Lofts, how to decorate

Today live in a loft stands undisputed design. It began as an economical alternative to traditional housing, but today has become a luxury lifestyle. Low or unused industrial buildings have become a hotbed of design.But it is possible that those who are at the prospect of decorating a loft, to do with the doubts that haunt anyone who is ready to decorate your new home, added to decorate a space that is poorly understood. Baby room decoration Boutique Hotel at the end of the world Butterfly table Modern home decoration

Modern home decoration

And although the loft scattered all cities for several decades, as everything that is innovation, requires a considerable period of time to adapt.Spaces are large, in which the air industry is the protagonist of the space. The high ceilings are your personal footprint, and they run facilities such as air conditioning, far from hidden, making them are enhanced decorative lights absolutely relevant.Cold materials contribute to the conservation of the industrial side initially breathed in the nave. Carpets, curtains and pictures Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Home interior design Thanks to its brightness and the absence of gaskets, polished concrete floors, to help amplify spaces. To distinguish the “stay” of a loft, you can choose to use different colors to dye the concrete floor. To enhance the industrial style, the ideal combination, are polished concrete floors with steel beams. Both materials are extremely cold sensation, we must therefore spatial attention to colors and materials we use in the rest of the decor. Decor carpets Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Contemporary home decoration

Contemporary home decoration

The interior layout is usually done through an elaborate arrangement of the furniture, the walls are absent, except that separates the bathroom. Separations can be carried out through glass partitions, panels, paper, screens, or simply back of a closet can be separated sufficiently. All readers Publishop are professionals and separation of spaces.It is advisable to use a limited palette, but very intense colors. Functional shelves Garden decoration Light and color Luxury home decoration

Luxury home decoration

In the kitchen and bathroom, are suitable bright colorslike red, orange or green, which contrasted with the coldness of the concrete and further enhance this sense of place aseptic should flood the lofts. In the living areas is preferable to use cold and soft hues. The walls of the house Two shades in one Wall decoration Modern Loft Decoration

Modern Loft Decoration

Due to the coldness of the concrete floors, carpets are fundamental, charge can leave the task of putting the point of color to the living room or bedroom and also through them also get visually separate each space.Regarding the furniture, little and big. Placing too much parts will result in a cluttered appearance, and we’ll see all of a single glance.A loft should give a feeling of emptiness, little, long, fast lifestyle, a lot of work … of contemporary life.

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