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Decorating small spaces (II)

Locate all our belongings in our house becomes a problem as time passes. The furniture design plays a key role in organizing the order of each object. Several seasons clothing, books, travel souvenirs, gifts … need a place to stay.In small rooms, the closets are a resource of great acceptance. Carpets, curtains and pictures Creative signs for doors CURTAINS Classic type room decoration

Classic type room decoration

They have the same capacity as any other cabinet, but to be housed between walls, charge much less visual weight in the decoration. Moreover, unlike the free cabinets, wardrobes are usually custom designed, so the loss of inches on the sides or the top is completely preventable.Whether in the master bedroom or child, the space under the bed is perfect for storing large objects that do not use routinely. Decor carpets Decor wallpaper Exterior lighting Functional home decoration

Functional home decoration

On the market are cabinets that are placed on mattresses, so that this space becomes a big box to put the suitcases, blankets … In the bedroom child design, this space can be filled with drawers, but also There are designs that allow us to keep the bike in that hole, a “junk” difficult location, which usually takes receivers or aisles, obstructing the movement. Functional shelves Garden decoration Light and color Decorating small spaces

Decorating small spaces

The same goes for the sofa, in addition to being in bed if you like, models equipped with a module chaise longue, plus aesthetic and comfortable result, they can also become a cabinet.When space is tight, they often have to temporarily move the furniture to open a sofa – bed or access to a closet. Nails Retro Decoration ideas The walls of the house Bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration

The furniture on wheels will allow us to fast mobility, more comfortable and effortless.The hallways and lobbies are spaces that can be reduced in height. We can create a wooden ceiling. By placing a sliding door that gives access to the interior, this is a perfect hideaway for our “secrets.” Two shades in one Wall decoration Wall paint Cozy room decoration

Cozy room decoration

The table, the bedside or puffs can be replaced by trunks or drawers. In the case of use as well as seats will be enough to put on them a comfortable cushion to make them more comfortable.New winds blowing in the design of furniture, we head for the versatility, functionality, comfort … Today, the furniture comes to our houses to get your life easier, not to mention aesthetics also make us feel better.

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