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The receiver

Few areas have been so unjustly treated in decoration as the receiver. He has been taken all the attention it deserves, is the most overlooked of our homes. When we go into any house, it’s who we get, but soon after we enter each room and began to dream of decorating with the clothed, completely forgetting who welcomed us. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Modern home decor

Modern home decor

The hall is our calling card, a small piece of ourselves, which should impress those who like the postman, the messenger or the dealer from the supermarket, will not cross beyond the doorway, or prying neighbors who can not prevent the act of looking inward for the five seconds it takes to open, greeting, enter and exit.In most cases it is a small space, without much chance as far as furnishings are concerned, and for this reason we must pay particular attention to the style of the few pieces that are going to drop. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Stylish home decor

Stylish home decor

Be printed character and personality, and be able to dress the room by themselves.The first thing to consider is that we should not invade any way with furniture or accessories, so if it is a hall full of doors, no dead walls in which to place furniture, aesthetics must reside in the vertical parameters and horizontal, ie walls, floor and ceiling.We give special relevance to the ground with him on a soft carpet with large designs and colors, balancing the decoration with a large chandelier to define the style of the room. Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Decorative wall panels Design of furnace Dacians Home furniture decor

Home furniture decor

The decor will both visual weight at the poles is clearly a lack of furniture in the central area.The wallpaper is a good resource decorative receivers, as these consisted of small walls, we dare more with shapes and colors printed on it. The same role on a large wall can reach saturation decoration.The furniture should always be small, the auxiliary tables, telefoneras, banks, bare boureaus, chairs, sculptures, clothes hangers, umbrella stands and flower vases are decorative objects that abound in the lobbies of all households, but surely, the receiver is the kingdom of the console, usually accompanied by a piece of art or a mirror, allowing us to reposition the tie just before racing out the door. Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Wooden home decor

Wooden home decor

With the merger of the console and mirror can recreate the finest environments in all styles, even combined.Cutting-edge consoles, with straight, horizontal, hand in hand with impressive Baroque mirrors, gilded … or traditional, with curved legs, moldings, details, inlays, marquetry … the glass, lighten the space visually by multiplying the light. Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Wood decorative profiles and panels Beauty home decor

Beauty home decor

By design, without defined shapes, with racks built, hidden drawers … or exotic, made from natural fibers, seaweed, bamboo, decorated with plants …Photo frames and accessories are vaciabosillos star to be placed on the console surface. Sizes and large vases placed on the ground in front, beside or underneath the console complete the luxurious showcase of our home.

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