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Separating environments

Since the lofts broke into our cities for nearly two decades, the comments about its usefulness happen. The opinions, so many and varied, for or against, drivers and detractors … The loft was created as a new way of life and he will devote a separate chapter, we focus today on something that brought loft.The open spaces are the cause or the consequence of the lofts, but still willing to live in a single space that meets all our needs, there are tasks that require some privacy. Decor lighting Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Decorative wall panels Elegant home decor

Elegant home decor

The pursuit of personal space within the chamber, in the absence of partitions, requires creativity.Imagination to power! A lack of bricks, serve all those separation methods that happen to us, and solutions to our homes come in spurts.The screen is an oriental heritage, unfairly treated for years by its apparent futility. And there are things that have fallen into our hands, long before the rise in us the need to use. Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Print your personal style in decorating ROOM: disappearing beds Innovative home decor

Innovative home decor

But now gaining strength every day allowing us to stay together or separate depending on the activity development. It is a light and comfortable option that does not involve the commitment of a partition wall that will last “forever and ever” in the same place.Any furniture placed strategically fulfill two functions. A library open on both sides separated environments allowing the passage of light at the same time for storing books, ornaments, figures … ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Colorful home decor

Colorful home decor

The back of a wardrobe, decorated as if it were a wall will become a dividing wall is placed in the center of the room.The glass panels may have been the latest addition to the world of separation. They are ideal spaces for avant-garde aesthetic. The glasses are transparent, translucent, broken, colored … well, we can use as a base and they put on stickers or vinyl, thus transforming them into pieces with an important influence in our home decoration. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Luxury home decoration

Luxury home decoration

There are panels decorated textiles and paper wound on the roof that do not occupy space, but made act as if it were a wall, wallpaper to our liking. Have the quality that can be converted into an element with a high erotic charge. Behind the panel, can sense what’s going on … but only sensed. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Art home decor

Art home decor

Curtains based beads, beads, plastic sheets together to form a panel rings, strips of fabric colors … are fast and economical solutions but also decorative.Life is becoming more communal, more plural and faster. The world is one and large spaces open to us … but we resisted and a struggle between meters and intimacy, squeeze all our creativity to develop truly ingenious solutions.

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