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Ceramics, stone carving – nature

Enchanting minerals, stone, ceramics, art and animation of the interior usable, give a natural and ethnic value. ANGLE OF GEAR Ceramic wall decors Chimneys, fireplaces, chimneys Ceramic bathroom design

Ceramic bathroom design

Pottery is usually presented as a classic form of simple geo-shaped white stone, colored ceramic and metal, but are increasingly popular complex shapes, hand-formed formula braided or irregular drapanym many associations with the art of ceramics inspired by nature and Africa. Often made of bamboo fiber, banana leaves or a mixture of ceramic clay. Crystal Sink Decor Empire Decor lighting Attractive ceramic medalion

Attractive ceramic medalion

They have original designs and colors of the desert, sand, shell, sun tan and decorated with exotic flowers rusty steppe compositions that promote energy inside the atmosphere. Ethnic composition of plants introduced inside the artistic and practical dimensions, select the character of the interior and at the same time enjoy the naturala lfresco.Butle, centrepieces treated as a ceramic art show unique decorative element. Decor Empire Decor lighting Decorate in red, danger zone for apartment Modern ceramic vases

Modern ceramic vases

Made by hand from clay, refractory, painted angobami (kaolin or white paint consistency rozrobiona, colored pigments), decorated with enamel detail creates the impression of a subtle flash of ceramics in combination with a slightly rough natural structure. Ceramics, combined with the old wood is usable part of the original interior as a function of the cabinet, dresser, screen, fireplace and a table talking about your garden. Design of furnace Dacians Fashion lighting Modern video intercom with keypad and digital control Interesting ceramic mix

Interesting ceramic mix

Ceramic spatial installations Seven wishes (work by Barbara Trzybulskiej) are used as modern sculpture. Spider web, you can install ceramic flakes in bed boards to compare with brush wood bedroom. Thus creating natural and expressive forms of physical klimat.Kamienne in shades of gray, beige, broken white, graphite, or green, structural, ribbed, like desert dunes open, irregularly shaped and polished to shiny satin and fully functioning as interior decoration. Updates the child’s bedroom decor Window frames: door and window Wood decorative profiles and panels Interesting stone carving

Interesting stone carving

Rocks and plaster walls highlight panoramic living room, bedroom, kitchen and lobby, provides new forms of interior design by introducing deep ridges or decor, by the installation of finished stone cladding recess.Depending on the effect you want to achieve by imposing different structures and get the effect of monochromatic pigments or expression that diminish the area of harmonizing it with its surroundings or enhances the impression struktural. The stone forms are ideal for small and large areas.

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