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Interesting Beds from Germany

Bed is an essential piece for any bedroom, so vital that it should combine both aesthetics and less important than convenience. The combination of these two characteristics do not always go hand in hand, so finding a nice and comfortable bed is not simple tasks. Bedroom Styles interior design variety of bedrooms A classic bed Ennerev reinterpreted in a contemporary Extravagant bed

Extravagant bed

In search of inspiration I came across an interesting proposal made in Germany. These are high quality beds produced by Ruf-Betten. Bedroom Bedroom decor and interior design Bedroom design “clip” with adjustable headrest Simple form of bed

Simple form of bed

They propose a relatively simple form, made using good quality materials and leather upholstery. Beds These are both classic and uncommon shapes thus may appeal to many a person. Bedroom feng shui interior design bedroom furniture interior design Bedroom furniture: simple, functional and discreet Modern Furniture Bed

Modern Furniture Bed

I hope it will serve as inspiration in the search for an interesting style, which wanted to decorate the bedroomsAt the beginning of a bit more modern form of the bed is made of gray leather combined with metallic finishes bedroom interior design – types of bedrooms bedroom interior design – variations Bedroom interior design ideas Interesting style bed

Interesting style bed

.Light skin against dark walls simple yet tastefullyThis time the reverse combination also presents interesting. interior design – bedrooms with beautiful decorations Iron mesh or wood slats luxury bedroom interior design Bed of the future

Bed of the future

At the end of something for the supporters of a more elaborate shapes, materials and warmer when it comes to bed.

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