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Bedrooms for every style

One of the main rooms in our homes, are without doubt the dorms. Not because of the location in our habitat, but because of the importance of stay, and this is the place we seek and need, at the end of the day to rest and relax.When thinking about the choice of furniture, no doubt the first thing they think is in the headboard of the bed, as this is located in the master bedroom wall, drawing all eyes upon entering the room, which affirm our taste and style. bedroom furniture interior design Bedroom furniture: simple, functional and discreet bedroom interior design – types of bedrooms Modern style bedroom

Modern style bedroom

Always taking into account the trends, materials, textures and colors offered by the market.As materials are very diverse. The wooden headboards give us a classic and rustic rural, with cozy and intimate environment, combined with a wide variety of fabrics, coordinated. Same effect pickled wood and cast iron.With upholstered headboards achieve romantic stays bedrooms suitable for both adults and young people or children. Bonnell spring mattresses of Imaflex Cabinets with sliding doors Zalf Chambers of Verardoitalia Cozy bedroom interior  Cozy bedroom interior Style in the tissues play an important role when the coordination between them and the textures.To create contemporary and modern environments, we prefer the leather headboards, and these elegant and sober.The choice of headboard helps us to complete the rest of the furniture, most of the time we favor the same style, shape and material, allowing the mix of furniture design and furniture auction, to create eclectic environments. Bedrooms for colored girls Zggroup Beds container furniture Rossato Beds with container: under the bed all Romantic bedroom interior

Romantic bedroom interior

You can also do without the header, choosing to decorate the main wall, with paint, vinyl or decorative paper, resulting in unique environments and full of life.But the bed is not only important in the bedroom, the bedside tables on either side support will enable us to have closer to the bed. interior design variety of bedrooms A classic bed Ennerev reinterpreted in a contemporary B Up Down the bed with a “click” disappears into the ceiling. Modern bedroom interior

Modern bedroom interior

It is also appropriate to have a storage cabinet, comfortable type, console, cabinet drawers, desk … trying to get the most out of the scale of the room. The station is still the best solution for the order in the bedroom. There are plenty of solutions adapted to the existing space.The tissues will help define the environment, always with the coordination required bedroom decor. Bedroom design “clip” with adjustable headrest Bedroom feng shui interior design bedroom furniture interior design Contemporary bedroom interior

Contemporary bedroom interior

Another key element to define the decorative style is undoubtedly a touch of color on our walls.Recommended in the bedrooms, the soft tones and clear, conveying feelings of warmth, freshness, harmony, enhance or reduce the light, hide or enhance elements that are necessary, even create a living environment and youth, inviting us to enjoy the moments rest.

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