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Spring interior

Spring just around the corner …., anyway, closer. We all feel gray, tired, just . Time for change – let’s start our project. Let us introduce them in color, light and spring, funny accents, waiting for a better future is fun. Let the colors of the floor and not only … Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Modern spring interior

Modern spring interior

Thanks funny carpet will make the floor in the living room color. Its spring will introduce a fresh breath of the image in our souls, while increasing temperature - the heat under your feet still useful.Flourish lamp may also, what is it dressed in onion, but how the change of spring? Each element associated with spring, nature, flora and fauna will be a very nice accent that symbolizes our longing, and gives hope for faster winter. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Attractive chair design

Attractive chair design

Wazony end, of course, only with flowers, fun clocks, lamps Butterfly , delicate porcelain - the same day, we need. Adjudgement sheets … Why not – provided that it will be one of the sheets, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina. Habitat for these places will be our summer terrace or balcony, but it is ideal and within us. Get on your bike when you feel like it … Modern carpet design Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Beautiful living room interior

Beautiful living room interior

Well, maybe not the wheel, but hocker’a bicycle saddle acts as a kitchen island or countertop, and enjoy at the same time, personally prepared spring salad and a glass of good wina.Baw colors … Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Terrace furniture Grand luxury design

Grand luxury design

Escaping from a literal, we can use color well. Do not be afraid of intense colors, especially when it comes to warm and soft fabrics such as felt. What could be nicer than a cup of tea and a good book when you delve into the chair was especially when the color fills the interior of our friendly and warm glow. Modern home heaters Nook Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace New original design kitchen

New original design kitchen

Perfect recipe for improving our personal interior may be for improving the environmental service. A  shot of courage and do not be afraid to mobilize and fun elements to give us a better mood. After this treatment, carried out in our atmosphere will calmly look at the stubborn snow falling outside the window, awaiting the first signs of spring!

Designed in the light of nature

Of course, organic and beautiful … Design inspired by nature is very modern. 3D wall panels A crib, a number of decorations A versatile kitchen Attractive design from wood

Attractive design from wood

The original beauty costume. Thinking about the interior of its size, shape, color and light that we see in terms of nature, the juxtaposition of the beauty of its color, space, shapes of stones, sand structures, or sea grass. Interior design trend is inspired by nature, natural ingredients, stylized shapes and colors of sand, crushed rock, bark, wood painting, vineyards, ethereal spider silk and floral motifs, rough boards, smooth texture of parchment or crystal form. What surrounds us, becomes a place of beauty charm copyright at the beginning of the creation of the interior in terms of natural components. Bathroom and kitchen decoration bathroom interior design – Thanks to the innovative cartridge Carpets, curtains and pictures Modern wood chair

Modern wood chair

Colors of nature create mood. Invariably, cool and neutral colors work well in both natural and modern interior, a soft pastel palette, bright colors described as neutral in white, stone, sand, wood and its derivatives. The interior of the earth colors, white, gray and pastel green fast and Heather always looks fresh, harmonious, of course. Neutral colors sympathize with others in creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Ideal composition brown contrast cinnamon and lime accents. The dominant exotic brown and freshly ground jatoba ash produced by exposing the fullness of the aesthetic value of the individual components of the interior. The combination of natural tones of beige and green wood will create a reflective, harmonious environment and comparing the colors citrus interior becomes a dynamic character. Design ideas for small apartments Domain furniture wooden bed Sma Fantastic oak kitchen design and decoration Beautiful bamboo furniture

Beautiful bamboo furniture

The successful combination of furniture with simple geometric shapes, moving fabrics arranged space suit cut wall decorative travertine or slate, organic themes, flowers and decorative accessories, ceramic vases, woven wicker planters feature of the flower bed, antiqued patina frame, linen covers the seats, lined with sea grass carpet and wood stains bring holiday mood, and reporting components allow you to create a comfortable, elegant and timeless interiors. Symmetry of forms, shapes, met with the Zen philosophy among us has a calm peace, aesthetics and beauty of nature. living room interior design – lighting and lighting Mattresses Somnium Mauve and beige bedroom Interesting ceramic vase

Interesting ceramic vase

Expression of light. The light gives the interior of freshness and lightness of being, revealed the hidden properties, contours and shapes stimulate plant world, sets out the main architecture solution while mixing them gently in the background environment. Opened or closed space optical hot (and bright yellow color) or cooling (white, blue) depending on time of day and the chosen design interior. Bright walls, bleached wood floors, light permeable fabric in alliance with nature and bring out the reflected light rays of the sun, illuminating the inside of the plant so that it looks more spacious. Style Bedroom Superflat Shower – pleasure in the bathroom Tips for decorating with flowers New original design crystal vases

New original design crystal vases

Approaching the nature of the choice of soft cream light (tungsten), improve them, such as contrasting white beam (halogen lamp) in order to strengthen and balance the mood lighting. Fashion frame connections transparent, opaque glass, crystal ball as a stylish, geometric lampshades with corrugated woven in the context of the game with side kinkietami give the interior an atmosphere of vitality, warmth, comfort and beautiful shape.

We provide loft

Houses in the roof space is remarkable. Thus we have a close and the sun and stars and those scenic views of the surrounding rooftops. To ensure your loft apartment light and airy to remember a few rules. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries New original design loft

New original design loft

Windows. First, we must illuminate the ceiling by installing roof windows. With most of the tracks are well placed skylights combined . They provide exceptional views of the apartment and add a space. Do not forget to install blinds allows you to adjust the amount of incoming light. Allocation of space Organizing space ceiling is best to leave as open space. Well see here kitchen. Separation of the rooms with glass partitions and use of glass doors to give us the illusion of more space. You also can use a maximum height of the ceiling, leaving an open space at the top of the roof (no ceiling or suspended ceiling). With this system partitions can be opened at the beginning and end colored glass or Plexiglas. This procedure expands the space visually and color can be an interesting accent. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house Attractive loft ideas

Attractive loft ideas

Colors. To obtain a light and bright interior work best in bright colors for walls and floors. White, light yellow, brown clear increase in space. use life orange brighten the room. The walls, painted ceiling and swaths of the same color, so you avoid the stress of inclined to give a coherent internal block. Also, large furniture such as sofa or cabinet should be the same color light. Introduction of the apartment, which revived a strong color accents in the annexes (pillows, chairs, chairs). Well bring light blending smoothly into bed flat background with colorful pillows and armchairs. Remember that a uniform color throughout the home, which harmonize and expand space. So we limit the number of colors to two or three. Furniture ENTRY Future chair design Home heating panels Contemporary loft decoration

Contemporary loft decoration

Furniture. The optimum solution is to use the tracks for the implementation of furniture. Best to check cupboards with sliding doors. Upon request, waiting drawers and cabinets on wheels, designed to make the space even at low inclined. They come into the center of the room, we have easy access to contents. Elements of buildings constructed in the same color as the wall will not focus on inclined. However, implementation of development with glass shelves and illuminated visually expand the space. Putting several com dek low sloping, stylish box or trunk will highlight the climate of the ceiling. Fitting circles to them to facilitate their movement. At an angle, lower shelves, and we can give the television equipment. Avoid large, heavy, tall furniture and libraries, even on vertical walls of the ridge. At an angle begins at a height not less than 140 cm will fit normal couch. To not loaded area is best to choose a light, low models. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Luxury design loft

Luxury design loft

Distribution is loaded room with large sitting area set back. Better places are without relying on slender legs. Another solution is to use multiple hop locations, pillows and bags Jacket. The vertical wall of the attic is a good place to hang paintings, photographs and book shelves. Table with chairs placed in the top spot on the ceiling. Place to work well is to organize windows (do not forget to install blinds in them.) The kitchen cabinets go lower cover glass and illuminated by after. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Interesting loft ideas

Interesting loft ideas

Slant the bathroom is a good place to put the tub. But remember that each location of equipment for their use was convenient. Too low a ceiling for the bathroom will prevent us from going up to it. Maintaining an appropriate distance is also very important in the development of the toilet. The highest point of the bathroom sink can be placed. Using mirrors expand the space ?Bathrooms .Internal lighting. If we are fortunate to have a loft with high ceilings can experiment with lighting: suspended many small fittings for long cables or several large lampshades. If you have decided to organize a ceiling on the ceiling lowered to better release the chandeliers and install spot lights, ceiling – eyes reflector halogen illumination tilted geometric variations of space.

lamps are in each home

Straight from the Chinese takeaway packaging comes the latest proposal Light Chris Haines who designed and built the lamp Take Out Light, sold as all of its projects Ideaka Studio on Etsy for $ 39.00.With the dual function of shade and container packaging for the components essential to amassing the lamp, the cardboard box, the look that conveys the idea that manufactures, Take Out Light offers an interesting solution for recovery, in which no throw anything away. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables Unique Lamp Design

Unique Lamp Design

The British brand HunkyDory was established in 2005 to Alison Ellerbrook, which creates nice texture to the colorful home accessories.Among the products on the site suggest that the lamps, specifically the collection Shabby Chic Lampshades.The textures are very pop and bright tones, each piece is handmade and the prices are very low. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors wall lamp

wall lamp

On the site First Street is selling a kit to illuminate the stairs of our homes very attractive. These Stair Lights, which consists of 4 LEDs at low voltage.Need a LED for each step, and the result is aesthetically beautiful but also useful, especially when in the house all the lights are off.The ignition system is automatic, but can also be adjusted at will, so as to save energy. If we want more of the LEDs, we must add to the total ($ 139.95), others $ 34.95. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook Lighting Design

Lighting Design

The Taiwanese artist YaYa Chou has created a curious and attractive project.I’m talking about Chandelier, a project executed in 2005 which consists of a candlestick decorated entirely with the mythical gummy bear.The result is visually striking, with a final aesthetic result quite interesting. Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas Modern carpet design modern led lamp design interior decorating

modern led lamp design interior decorating

Transforming the caves of the dark night in Madrid welcoming and reassuring. Where to sit without fear, and perhaps in defiance of fear, maybe read a good detective story.Thanks to an ordinary light, which is hanging just a novel of terror, the darkest places of transition are transformed into new parking spaces, finally livable. The installation, conceived and curated by Luzinterruptus, already known to have thehumic subversive actions, took place recently in 12 locations throughout the streets of downtown Madrid. Furniture ENTRY Future chair design Home heating panels lamps


On the site Drink Stuff is on sale this bizarre lamp.It’s called Apartment Light Magic, and simulates the prospect of a miniature palace, with lots of people inside.During the day we have a vision that shows us off dell’oggtto certain situations within each home, but when I turn the light on situations that we understand that the thought “harmless”, I hide very different truth.

lamp interior – taste and tradition, design and functionality

In order to stimulate a discussion on new methods and approaches to design, Hannes Grebin has designed a series of at least the original furnishings, which overwhelm and rethinking the conventional relationship between form and space, taste and tradition, design and functionality. Future chair design Home heating panels House Design ECONOMIC MOUNTAIN Green Interior Design-

Green Interior Design-

Starting from the prototype of German classic 70′s lounge, the young German designer armchair has created for his diploma at the Bauhaus University in Weimar: the sofa Spiesser-Sofa, Ohrensessel, the belief Schrankwand-sideboard, the Oriental rug Perser and pendant lamp Deckenleuchte, characterized by bizarre forms and a covering of fabric weaves eastern Arabian Nights style. Feng Shui, more than Chinese-style decoration FURNISHED small spaces, niches, walls Furniture ENTRY Coral – Great Lamp

Coral – Great Lamp

The need to live outside comforted by the eclectic and innovative design solutions, such as pushing designer Michael Hilgers to develop projects that will make this dimension of ‘other’ of metropolitan life, just functional, highly customizable and extremely pleasant.Among the various projects of the German designer, designed to live a balcony or terrace as an extension of your living space, comes the new Rohrspatz. Contemporary lighting Design house ALPS Design of a farm house

Modern Lamp Design

Modern Lamp Design

Ironic, eclectic and certainly useful, this accessory ledge, is perched with its prehensile legs, supporting a spherical body, 40-60mm, which can be light to illuminate your evenings outdoors, candle holder to combine a soft atmosphere or ashtrays to accommodate the remains of a moment of relaxation smoky. Attractive modular furniture system Bookcase Bookstores and libraries Lamp Design Ideas

Lamp Design Ideas

Cordula is a lamp table, designed by a young German Stephanie Jasny, which borrows its shape from one object construction, the winding of an extension cord.Perfect accessory for an industrial environment with a clear inspiration, Cordula is a clever reinterpretation of the light spot, with the addition of the long cable (10 meters) and you can move from one point to another environment.His stand has tilt and the light can be directed with a range of 90 degrees. Designed for low energy light bulbs, Cordula is available in two versions, black with blue and white cable with the yellow cable. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring

Colorful Light of Pixel Lamp Design

Colorful Light of Pixel Lamp Design

The British designer Hannah Nunn creates a very elegant and beautiful lamps. They are coated with a special card that allows you to cut out the shapes on it that the designers do by hand.For these decorations inspired by nature and details such as leaves, flowers and small plants, and it follows that has magical and delicate tones.The collections of these lamps are varied and divided into four main categories, such as Botanical, Abstract, Illustrator and Fairy Lights.

new life to lamps collection

Porcelain Lladro playful and extraction of Jaime Hayon, gave new life to the Fantasy Collection, introduced last autumn in London and recently at Maison & Objet 2009.Among the new attractions of this delightful collection, we mark the Clown Lamp, designed to illuminate any kind of environment, with a bit of poetic imagination that evokes all the magic of the circus.Subtracting all superfluous details, the play of light and elegant white fine china, has a nose of gold that invites to be touched and works as a dimmer. Terrace furniture The role of the fireplace Wool mattresses, latex foam, spring

Beautiful lamp designs

Beautiful lamp designs

New Cone Pendants are some of Tom Dixon ‘the icing on the cake restaurant Nevy Amsterdam: bind perfectly with the interior design emphasizing the play of symmetry and highlighting the style.The restaurant overlooking the main channel of the IJ, elaborates the concept of the old fish restaurants crossed with typical street food outlets of the local markets of the city. The project is signed by the study Concrete, prolific reality of the Dutch scene, which in Italy has been busy with a Supperclub in Rome. Sofa set: distinction and modernity Stylish home lighting TABLES Tables accent lamps

accent lamps

It seems to be in Scandinavia, even though we are on Mount Fuji. This is the destabilizing effect of modernist furniture which has recently opened its doors on Trif, resorts specializing in spa treatments and natural cures, 100 km from Tokyo.The project was designed by architect Shigeru Kubota, to which we must clearly a preference for natural stone, wood, furniture and vintage chandeliers Poulsen that tower without exception in every room. No doubt, however, the identity of the guidelines in the kitchen, judging from the stock of stones served at the restaurant.The hotel has received the message “Best Newcomer” in the Top 50 Travel 2008/2009 edition of the magazine Monocle. Plants and flowers decorate the garden and terrace Prefabricated house design MOUNTAIN Sliding interior doors Chandelier


After you create recognition and reliability with its brightly colored bean bags, the brand Fatboy this year launched the first product out of the range of upholstered furniture. This is the Grand Edison lamp, which is likely to become a classic design accessories for consumer products. Modern Decorating quarter Modern home heaters Nook

Lamps » lamp design

Lamps » lamp design

Simple in its design, rather than the original, linear and unmistakable in its unique color-white, the Grand Edison is an oversized lumen, which becomes a floor lamp. Like all the accessories is designed to use Fatboy ambivalent, indoors and outdoors, to follow and illuminate the living rooms at ground level made from sacks and the islands Fatboy. Lighting: lamps and chandeliers living room interior design- armchair and sofas Modern carpet design

table lamp

table lamp

After x-ray of Wonsuk Cho refer you back to a lamp that uses X-rays as a decorative element. I refer to the X-Ray Lamp of Sture Pallarp whose only peculiarity is that real radiographs decorate the shade of a classic floor lamp.Moreover, an inspection which needs to be read by a light source, then a person does not seem so absurd, except perhaps a tad gloomy atmosphere that is likely to suggest.